Money worries are one thing we all try to avoid. They cause no end of stress, and we could all do without that. But, despite our best efforts, the money demon gets us all at some point. Unexpected costs can knock even the most financially stable of us off that high wire. You’ll soon regret those holidays you thought you could afford when something goes wrong in your home, or unexpected bills come through. Worse, there’s a timeline on this type of problem. You don’t have all the time in the world to get the money together. So, what do you do when you need money in a hurry?


Let’s start with the most extreme option. The good news is that this may be the most extreme, but it’s also often the fastest way to get your money. If you’re one of the people that always wonders ‘why would someone remortgage?’, your money worries are the perfect time to find out. It makes sense when you consider that your home is the most valuable thing you own. That’s true for all of us. We work hard to achieve our homes, and we work hard to keep them. It makes sense that you should turn to your most valuable possession during difficulties. Think of remortgaging as a loan with a condition. The bank will give you the money you need, on the condition that they can take your home should they need to. This option can work if you know you’ll be able to keep up with repayments.


This option may not see such a fast return, but it’ll help more than you might expect. If you want to prepare for emergencies, it can help cutting costs where possible before the event. Simple things, like looking for cheaper deals on car insurance, or cutting down on direct debits, will have an impact. Put the money you save into a separate account and keep it for emergencies. And remember not to dive into it when planning your travels! This step can also help with finding money fast. Cancelling things such as Netflix could ease a lot of financial burdens. The best part about these is that you can cancel and rejoin whenever you need. Cancel for one month, then sign back up when you’ve solved the problem!


Never underestimate how much money your unwanted items are worth. Take this as the chance to have a clear out and see what you can make. Head into the attic and see what you don’t need anymore. If you’re honest with yourself, there’s probably a lot of unnecessary clutter up there. Think, too, about sorting through your clothes and old jewellery. Attic junk is one thing, but these are where the money making starts. If you have an old piece of jewellery that you never wear, now could be your chance to make some money on it. Take some pictures and head to Facebook to see who’s interested!

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