Getting a new home is hugely exciting, especially if it is your first one since leaving home. Finally get out on your own or with a partner is a huge stepping stone. Yet you can slip up if you don’t follow through and do a few vital things. If you don’t you could be left in trouble further along the line. One of the things on the top of your list will be decorating your home. You will be looking for inspiration from wherever you can find it. However, you need to look to other things before you settle on the cosmetic. This article can help you with the basic things you must implement in your new home. You may have thought of some of them which is great. But check the other ones out and see if they can help you through this exciting time.

One of the first things you need to do is check the locks out. Make sure they are all in working order. Once you have done this you must get them replaced. Even if they are pretty new and in working order. There are many great companies like SJO Locksmith who can change them for you. It may sound pedantic, especially if the locks are in great condition. However, you don’t know who the last owners gave cuts of the key too. Or whether they lost a key or two. Get them changed for the best peace of mind. Remember to check the windows too. Usually, the locks are just on the inside but some models have the locks on the outside. These should be changed even if they are the upstairs windows.

You should get the wiring sorted too. You may have had this checked during the builder’s survey. But you should still have a look and try to get it sorted. Bad electrics mean you spend more money on your electricity bill as it isn’t distributed properly. It is also unsafe, leading to fuses blowing and even fires. The same applies to gas. You need to mitigate carbon monoxide poisoning risks. To do this get the boiler serviced and make sure it is burning fuel properly. The same with the fire and anything else that burns in your home. Buy some carbon monoxide alarms and ensure everything is working properly.

You should also check the buildings for structural deficiencies. Again, you may already know about these. Get them sorted out as fast as you possibly can. The longer the building is unsafe the worse it could get being a risk to you and your family. Get it sorted as soon as possible.

In some countries you need to pay money to the government on purchasing a property. In the UK for example this is called stamp duty. Remember to pay this or you could end up flouting the law and paying more. Look up any additional taxes or payments you need to make to ensure that you stay legal and can be happy in your new home.

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