Five apps for the daily commuter

iphone-410311_1280Whilst you may have enjoyed the recent top five gadgets for the daily commute feature, you might also be interested to see the five leading app sectors that can help make your travels much more enjoyable. 

Social media apps 

For those of us waiting around train stations, social media apps have provided the perfect way to catch up with friends in a quick and easy manner. Whilst we may all be familiar with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, there are other social media apps that are becoming almost as popular. 

Snapchat is rivalling Facebook for its video interface that allows users to create fun and disposable video updates of their day. Whereas Whatsapp is looking to take advantage of the widespread use of 4G networks to offer a cost-effective messaging solution to the expensive text message format. 

Gaming apps 

Similarly the mundane nature of the daily commute can also be made a little less painful thanks to the huge variety of gaming apps. These can range from addictive puzzle games such as Monument Valley to the likes of Dream Bingo who offer a much more modern take on the traditional bingo game, all from the convenience of your mobile device. 

 Navigating apps 

Although we all usually take the same route into work, most of us will wonder if there’s a quicker, or even more fun option. Thankfully the WalkIt app provides a great selection of routes in many cities that can be customised for different themes and intensities depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. 

Food and drinks apps 

Whilst we can all enjoy the pleasures of a packed lunch on our work break, it can help to mix things up a little. This is where apps like Urbanspoon come in, as they are packed full of constantly-updated user-created reviews of restaurants and cafes in your locale that will definitely help you uncover something new and surprising to give your lunch-break a lift. 

Health apps 

And finally, we may not realise it, but all of that walking to and from work can do wonders in burning off a few calories. So why not see how much progress you’re making in keeping fit with the likes of My Fitness Pal that will help you keep track of what you’re eating. And then Map My Walk can aid you in seeing which commuting route can help burn off the greatest amount of calories. 

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