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As you know I love decorating, there’s something special about taking a boring, bland room, and completely transforming it. After years of room makeovers, it’s something I really enjoy doing.

However, I know not everyone feels this way. Many of you are more than happy to do the physical work, but struggle to get started.

For many homeowners inspiration is the main issue. They find it hard to come up with ideas, or are unsure of which will work in their home. That is one of the reasons I started the home decor section on my blog, and I know from the stats that many of you like those posts. But, I am also aware that there are many other good sources of inspiration available, so I’m sharing a few of them with you today.

Show homes 

One of the best sources of home decor inspiration is quite literally on your doorstep – show homes. Developers in most parts of the world have a showhouse or two built, and deck them out in the latest style. If you are planning to redecorate, visiting a few of these show homes is a great way to get inspiration.

The fact you will be looking at properties that have similar dimensions to yours really helps. This is because you are effectively comparing like with like. If a particular style of furniture and decor looks good in the showhouse, the chances are it will work well in your home too.

Furniture hire companies 

Show home interior design sites are also a good source of inspiration. The companies that hire out the furniture used by developers to stage their properties are the owners of these sites. It is also possible to buy the latest furniture on these websites, and do so for a bargain price. These hire companies regularly replace the items that they lease to property developers to stay ahead of home decor trends. When they buy new stock, they usually sell their existing furniture via their websites.


Another great place to find home decor ideas that will work in ordinary homes is Pinterest. There are loads of homeowners like you who publish photos of their homes when they change or decorate them. Again, the fact you are looking at houses that are very much like yours, means that the ideas you find there are highly likely to translate well, and work in your home too.

The homes of your friends and family 

The homes of your neighbours and friends are also a good source of inspiration. With the added benefit that if you know the person well you can easily ask them where they bought everything.

TV shows and movies 

Some of my best ideas have come to me while watching the TV. I get ideas from all kinds of shows and movies.

If you like a particular retro look, a good approach is to watch shows from your favourite era to get inspiration.  This post lists 15 TV programmes that are an excellent source of home decor ideas.

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