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Five space saving tips for a tidy home

Space, it’s a premium. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a high-rise city apartment or a compact country home, if your home is small then you’ll no doubt understand the struggle of fighting for every inch of free space.

A tidy home is a happy home, but when you’re up to your eyeballs in clutter, it unfortunately just isn’t achievable.

From logical, sensible methods of putting more stuff in less space, to creative and inventive ways of making your home go further, here are our five space saving hacks for a tidy home.

See behind the door

Cupboards and closets are a fantastic way to store clutter and junk, it’s no secret and we’ve been doing it for decades, perhaps even centuries. But what if you could go beyond the cupboard, and utilise your cupboard door for extra storage room?

By getting creative with hangers, rails and fixings, you can transform the inside of your closet door into a hanging storage system. So what can you hang and store on the inside of your door? Jackets, shoes, gadgets, food stuffs – whatever you can fix onto the door, you can hang!

Inspired? Take a look at 20 more back-of-the-door storage solutions!

Make use of sliding wardrobe doors to open up more space

When it comes to bedrooms, we’re all guilty of a little mess and clutter here and there. Hidden away from guests, in a smaller home, bedrooms can become places to offload ‘stuff’. Clothes, old books, unused exercise equipment – you name it! If it’s something you don’t often use, chances are it’s going to be thrown in the bedroom.

Luckily, we have wardrobes, closets and cupboards to stash away our bits and bobs, odds and ends. One issue however, and this can apply especially to smaller bedrooms, is wardrobe doors. You may be wondering what wardrobe doors have to do with space problems, and why they’re such a culprit? When wardrobe doors open outwards, they take up more space. It’s that simple.

Here’s where sliding wardrobe doors come in. When you add in the element of horizontally-sliding doors, you don’t actually take up any room when you open your wardrobe. What may seem like a trivial point, actually really matters in a smallhome/bedroom. This way, you’ll store all your clutter and can easily access and view your belongings without feeling as though your smaller-sized room is decreasing in size!

Add a loft or bunkbed area anywhere in your home

Upstairs storage doesn’t need to be… upstairs. By taking advantage of elevated space above a kitchen, bathroom or other hidden nooks, you can create a floor, loft or bunkbed-style sleeping area where there wasn’t one before.

In your newly-created space, you can create a place to escape and read, somewhere to sleep or just an extra area to store more unused items. The choice is yours – use your newly-installed mezzanine how you like!

Go under, as well as over

Don’t just look above for storage ideas, if you find you don’t have the available space or potential space above your kitchen or bathroom, try looking underneath different areas of your home for storage ideas.

Beds are great for this, as their large-ish mass means they’re often unused areas with plenty of potential for storage options. Opting for a bed with drawers underneath is a quick way to tap into new space for your stuff.

If all else fails – banish your belongings!

If all else fails, and you’ve tried innumerable ways of expanding space in your smaller-than-average home, maybe it’s just time to cut back on clutter the good old-fashioned way. You know the score: if you haven’t used it in 12 months, throw it away. This applies to clothes, books and other general clutter that tends to clog up every corner of your home, building up over the weeks, months and years.

This guide on clearing out your clutter is full of helpful tips to get you started on reducing the number of belongings you own.

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