Footballing in FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush


Whether or not you’ve heard the term “endless runner,” you’re probably familiar with this type of game. First, there was Canabalt. Then came Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Flappy Bird, and a long list of copycats. In endless runners, you keep going and going, narrowly avoiding obstacles in your path. The controls are as simple as any hit arcade game, and the action should never stop. FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush takes endless runners to new heights, with more features than I’ve seen in any comparable game.

Football fans will be familiar (and quite pleased) with the selection of characters. In FCB Ultimate Rush, you are the manager of Spanish all-stars. Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is alongside legendary teammates Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar. In addition to having smooth, vivid 3D graphics, each player model has a photorealistic face and haircut. It’s very cool!

The action in FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush combines traditional endless runners and football. Most of the time, you must react fast to run around roadblocks, hop over cars, and slide under different obstacles. Gold coins are strewn across the streets of Spain, waiting to be picked up. After each run, the gold will deposit into your bank. Then, you can visit the locker room and start improving your team.

Although you will begin with just one player, that is enough to get quite far in the game. You can upgrade your athlete’s current stats and buy additional skills at any time, as long as you have a sufficient amount of gold stashed away. Most of the skills are like power-ups, providing short boosts during a run. It is also very important to note that each skill has three tiers of effectiveness. For example, the Jumper skill can increase your jump height by 20, 30, or 60%. The Dodger skill lets you start with 3, 4, or 5 whistles. This multi-level system gives you the chance to acquire certain skills at a low cost, and eventually enhance them later during the campaign.

What I refer to as the campaign is actually a collection of quests. In FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush, you can simply play for fun or to try to achieve certain goals. When you begin a quest, you will see the list of goals. These challenges may include coin-collecting, target-hitting, or obstacle-avoiding missions. The individual challenges and quests are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. You must complete the first quest in order to unlock the next one. I found the quests to be a great way to stay involved in the game. After completing a quest, I was inclined to start a new one right away and see how far I could get.

For football fans, FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush from Poki is undeniably fun. Doing headers at Camp Nou during a bonus round is downright exhilarating. But even if you’re not a footballer, this game can provide hours and hours of enjoyment. It looks just as good as it plays, and it’s worth trying today.

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