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Four summer superfoods for a healthy smile and diet


What I love most about the summer is the latest food inspiration that takes over the net. Whether it’s via Instagram, Pinterest or general food blogs, there’s no denying that the summer season is synonymous with fresh and healthy living.  

What I also like to stay in tune with is the latest advice for a healthy and clean smile. There’s no better time of year to work on a whiter smile to contrast against a sun-kissed tan. In this blog I will bring to you the latest advice and tips on what to eat, and how to eat it, in order to balance both a healthy diet and keeping your dental hygiene in check. 

Leafy Greens 

So as we all know, leafy greens are celebrated for their high vitamin and mineral content. They’re also great for promoting a healthy digestive system and keeping your gut happy. However what people often bypass is their goodness for oral health. They are high in folic acid and are a great source of calcium, two benefits that contribute to a stronger mouth that’s less prone to gum disease. 

Cooking Tip: Combine in a mixed salad for a low calorie and fresh summer snack, add sweet potato for a more exciting and filling take on a standard salad! 

Sweet Potato 

This is one of the most diverse superfoods on the list. It can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes and is a great source of vitamin A, which helps fight against tooth decay and gum disease. Sweet potato also contains the protein keratin which is great for the formation and strengthening of enamel.  

Cooking Tip: So you’ve got your bowl of leafy greens, and now you’ve added diced sweet potato, how about a sprinkling of feta for a little more depth of flavour? 

Dairy – CHEESE!  

Who doesn’t love cheese? Cheddar, blue, soft, mature, mild, you name it, it all tastes fabulous! The goodness in cheese comes from its high level of calcium which promotes and maintains bone density. It can also balance out the PH level in your mouth due to its high phosphate content, which is important in preventing cavities and gum disease.  

Cooking Tip: Many cheeses are criticized for their high fat content, but a lighter alternative like mozzarella, halloumi, cottage cheese and even feta can be a healthy option for both your diet and teeth! Slice some watermelon and strawberries add the feta and a squeeze of lime and honestly you won’t have tasted something quite so fresh and summery! 


Building on the last cooking tip, strawberries have also been commended for their natural ability to whiten teeth. They contain malic acid which is a natural teeth whitener, plus the fibres can also contribute to a natural self-cleaning mechanism. 

Not so much a cooking tip: More of a tool tip, when you combine mashed strawberries with baking soda this will form a paste like substance. Brush this gently along your teeth and then rinse, resulting in a cleaner and whiter smile. 

There are lots of different ways in which we can eat well, diet and look after our teeth. But what better way to kill two birds with one stone than by eating the foods that can do both, at the same time?  

What’s more, we should always have regular dental check-ups and stay educated about the ways we can look after our teeth, from Dental treatments to just advice or consultations. Staying on top of our smiles can really contribute to an overall happy and healthy lifestyle!

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