Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The sun comes back out, the flowers bloom and you can finally get back outdoors. And for fashion lovers, the turn of the season is always exciting. It’s out with the heavy coats and boots, and in with the pretty dresses and tops. Deep, dark shades are replaced with light hues and delicate patterns. And you can wear cute, trendy clothes without having to cover them up with a great big coat where it’s freezing! Spring clothes are great. However, a problem arises when we’re right in between the two seasons as it can leave you not knowing what to wear. Not only because the weather is unpredictable, but because winter and spring fashion is so different. Thankfully there are ways you can transition your outfits during that grey area of winter/ spring until the sun makes an appearance and we can finally fully embrace the warmer weather. Here are just a few of the ways to go about it.

Choose The Right Outerwear

We’re moving through from a cold winter to a slightly less cold (but still chilly) spring. Therefore having the right outerwear is important. Cardigans and lighter jackets are good for this transitional stage, as they give you a layer of warmth but without the need to resort to a thick coat. Plus it means that when it does warm up later in the day, you only have to carry a jacket and not a coat! You could go with a slouchy boyfriend cardigan which is a great casual choice, or even a longline sleeveless cardigan. You could go with a casual leather or denim jacket for day, or a blazer to dress up an outfit for the evening. These kinds of pieces can be worn over a fairly summery outfit, which makes them look much more appropriate for spring while the weather is still cold at times.

Wear Tights or Leggings

You might be ready for your pretty spring day dresses when the spring finally starts, but the weather might have other ideas. However, you don’t have to give up on them just yet. Along with the right outerwear, dresses worn with leggings or tights underneath is a good way to stay warm enough while being able to wear what you want. It’s also a good way to make an outfit look a little more conservative. Showing off your arms and legs in a short dress in the heat of summer might be ok, but it’s not going to be the best look when it’s windy or quite cold outdoors. So tights or leggings can help you wear those gorgeous spring/ summer outfits you have planned in a way that still looks good for the time of year.


Does your all black outfit look a little too dark for spring? Perhaps you want to inject a bit of spring colour into a boring t-shirt and jeans. Accessories are the way to go about it. You could go with a bold pastel statement necklace, or even brightly coloured bag. You could also go down the scarf route; a spring coloured scarf or one with a floral or pretty pattern can liven a dark or plain outfit right up. Plus the light material is great for the spring, it gives you a little bit of warmth while it’s still quite cold outside. These things will all help you to look way more spring appropriate and you won’t feel as though you’ve been left back in the depths of winter! If you’re not quite ready to wear your light and flowy spring clothing items, this is how you can liven up your winter outfits until the weather warms up more.

Use Makeup and Nail Polish

Another way to liven up an outfit for the spring is with makeup. Reds, purples and other dark lipstick shades are popular in winter but quickly fall off the radar in spring for day wear. So as well as your clothes, it’s important to think about your makeup too. A coral, light pink or peach lipstick and blush is perfect for the spring and will instantly brighten the face. You might also want to switch out your heavy winter foundation for lighter and more luminous bases. A BB cream or even a dab of powder foundation can give you the coverage you need while still allowing your natural skin to show through. As the weather gets progressively warmer you’ll want a more light and fresh feeling base product- no one wants to be sweating off layers of foundation! On the nails, any pastel shade works from mint green to light blue to lemon yellow. You could even go a step further and go with patterned nail wraps in spring-themed designs. Even if you have quite a dark outfit on, this bright pop of colour can help to bring your look into the spring.

Refresh Your Skincare Routine

While every season has it’s problems when it comes to our skin, winter is by far the harshest on our complexions. Cold, windy weather coupled with central heating mean many of us suffer from chapped lips (which can result in cold sores) and dry, tight skin. This means to compensate we need thick, rich and ultra hydrating skincare products. However in the spring, this isn’t required, and your winter skincare can start to feel too heavy. Instead go with a light, easily absorbed product and then in the evening use a facial oil. These hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling greasy so your skin can stay soft and supple without being weighed down. Any winter dryness should start easing up as the cold weather subsides (although you might notice it again in the summer if you spend a lot of time outdoors!) You will need to adjust your cleansing and exfoliating products accordingly. You’ll be pleased to know that your skin will most likely be at its best over the spring. No central heating or air conditioning to dry it out and no very cold or hot weather. Build a routine of some nice lightweight products and you’ll keep your skin happy and healthy.

Consider a Fresh New Hair Colour

It’s common for women to go over to the dark side over the colder months, and lighten up when spring and summer arrive. Having a fresh new hair colour could be exactly what you need to update your look ready for the months ahead. If you’re colouring at home, use a hair colour remover to get rid of the build up of dark dye. From there you can then use a box dye in a lighter shade to get the colour of your choice. If you’re going to the hairdresser, you could have highlights added to give you that gorgeous sun-kissed appearance as if you’ve just got home from a holiday by the sea. Adding any colour or bleaching your hair will mean a new haircare routine is needed since chemicals will dramatically weaken it. You can combat this by using deep conditioning masks once or twice a week and run a good quality hair oil through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair after each wash. A good tip is to spray heat protectant on your hair each day, even if you’re not heat styling it. This will prevent damage from the sun which can be a problem during the warmest months. Wearing a cute floppy sun hat can also protect against this and is another way to bring a spring/ summer look to your outfits.

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