Out of site can be out of mind and that is never so true as when we are speaking about our garages. It’s so easy to use them as a total dumping ground. What with the kids old toys, tools, bikes, tents and all that other stuff, it’s easier just to store it in there and forget it.  That is until you need something that is in there. Then its becomes a giant and dangerous game of Jenga, while you see if you can get the tent from the back, without the kids old doll house falling on your head. But our garages can be so much more! Follow my guide to making the useful and relevant again.


Are you forgetting to keep your garage clutter free? It doesn’t matter how large your space is; you will be able to fill it with stuff that you no longer want in your house. Old furniture, the kids drawing, clothes that you want to take to the charity shop and just have never gotten around to everywhere? Can you not even reach the tools and the mower? If you can’t fit your car in the garage, ten you know that your problem is out of hand.  So before you end up on an episode of hoarders, get organised!

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There is a three-stage process to organising any room that you can follow here. First get three large rubbish bags. One is for keeping, one’s for throwing, and one is for donating to the charity shop. Then set yourself 10 minutes each day and go in the garage and get as much stuff into those bags as you can. No one can say they haven’t got 10 minutes a day, and I can guarantee you that within two weeks you garage will be spick and span. Make sure that as soon as a ‘throw away’ rubbish bag is full; you put it in the outdoor bin.  Do the same with the charity shop bags and pop them in your boot and take them to the shop straight away.  This will stop you rummaging through the bags later and ‘rescuing’ things that you don’t need.



Are you forgetting to keep up the maintenance on your garage? Once you have a tidy garage, it is worth making sure that it is clean and damp free. Give it dust and a sweep and make sure that the doors are in good working order and not letting rain in. If you need some new garage doors, there are quite a lot to choose from such as wooden retro style 1950s designs to more modern sectional Novoferm Garage Doors. Sectional garage doors provide insulation as well as security. This is particularly important if you are looking to turn your garage into an extra room in your house.


Many people forget that their garage can be effectively converted into another room in their house. With the addition of carpet and a door leading into the house, the garage can be an effective games room. Particularly since there is space for a pool table or some video games machines!

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