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I’m not the sportiest person in the world however there are sports that everyone can take part in and enjoy even if they are a novice. One of those sports is Croquet. I remember having a Croquet set when I was younger and having hours of fun playing with my brother and sisters. The great thing about Croquet is you can make the game as hard or as easy as you want so it’s fun for everyone.

Garden Games Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of croquet sets. They provide high quality croquet sets and accessories.

Garden Games started to produce croquet set due to popular demand in 2001. They started with the Longworth garden sets and since them have went on to make a further 7 sets. There is something for everyone.

Click the link to view the croquets sets by Garden Games. If you would like to buy a croquet set you can visit the Stockist Page and browse the websites that stock the croquets sets.

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    March 3, 2013 at 9:02 am

    I can remember those old childrens croquet sets too! great fun x

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