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Maxx and me have spent the last couple of weeks playing with his new favourite toy. It’s a rocket ship, it’s a submarine, it’s a doctors office, in fact it’s anything he wants it to be. You see we have been playing with the fantastic Rocket Play Tent from Garden Games Ltd.

I was surprised at how compact the box was when it arrived. I expected a big box which I would struggle to fit in a cupboard if I had to pack the tent away.

The first thing I did was to lay out all of the parts and take a look at the instructions. I was a bit nervous about how many parts there were to put the tent together and was sure it would take at least an hour.

I was however pleasantly surprised. To build the tent’s frame is very easy and took me around 10 minutes doing it on my own. To build the frame you use the wooden poles and plastic connectors. The instructions are clear and easy to understand there are also illustrations which helped a lot too.

After the framework has been completed its time to put the canvas over the frame, the canvas went on easily and didn’t require any pulling of tugging. I then added the antenna on the top of the tent, this is for alien communication! This is easy to attach as it’s just a case of pushing the pole into the opening on the top of the frame work.

When the Play Tent has been completed it is sturdy and well made. The canvas material is thick and waterproof which means it is suitable for use outdoors also. There is a canvas door and 3 windows to look out of making the tent bright inside.

The tent is easy to dismantle and pack away which is a god send as it started to rain after I built it so I brought it inside.

The great thing about the tent is it can be used outdoors in the warm summer months and then brought inside for the cold winter months. The tent at the moment is in the corner of the living room where Maxx has access to it all the time and he loves it. He now has his own little “house” which he thinks is great as it’s just for him.

I would highly recommend the Rocket Tent and think it is great value for money as it’s something that will last for years and children can grow up playing with it. The tent is lovely and colourful and the design really helps to capture children’s imagination, it is suitable for both girls and boys There is enough room in the tent for 3 or 4 small children, sometimes I squeeze in too and there is plenty of room for us both to sit inside. Maxx’s imagination has come to life since we received the tent! It has been a rocket, a submarine, a doctors office and it is currently a haunted house for Halloween!

There is endless fun to be had with the Rocket Tent where it’s an indoor picnic, flying to Mars or reading a book. I know Maxx will still be playing with the tent in years to come.

The Rocket Tent is priced around £70. You can view the full range of tents and stockists at Garden Games Ltd. They also have a fantastic range of Garden Games and equipment. To keep up with the latest news and products follow Garden Games Ltd on Twitter

Disclaimer: We were sent the rocket tent for the purpose of this review. The review is my own honest opinion.

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