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Genius Solutions To Help You Deal With Your Household Problems

Your home is a place to relax, spend time with people you love, and take shelter from all the troubles of the outside world. As we all know, sometimes the house we live in can also become our biggest nightmare. Despite your best efforts maintaining the property, things can go wrong, and if you don’t have the know-how, you will need to call out the experts to help you get your house in order.

In this article, we will list three common household problems. You are guaranteed to have faced at least one of them, and for each one, we will offer a solution to the issue. So if your house has become more of a burden than a joy, don’t worry, we are here to help!

Dirty windows

Do you open your curtains in the morning, look out, and see absolutely nothing? That’s probably because your windows need cleaning. Sounds simple, right? No, cleaning windows is not as easy as you would imagine. No matter your best efforts with a bucket of water and a soap filled sponge, you are still liable to make your windows worse with ugly streaks across the glass. So what should you do?

For starters, you might consider hiring a window cleaner. Why bother cleaning your windows when there are people in the world who have the right tools for the job? Of course, you may value your privacy, so having somebody peering in at you while you are having your morning coffee may not be ideal. Therefore, we have a very easy solution. Simply fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it over your windows. For tougher stains, allow the vinegar to settle for a few minutes to dissolve the grime. After spraying, use a microfiber cloth to finish off the clean and voila! You can see through your windows again. Considering most of us have vinegar in our homes, there will be no need to spend money on expensive glass cleaning products.

Ant invasion

Particularly over the summer months, ants are everywhere, and if you are not careful, they may well take over your house. Black ants are the most common, but you should especially be mindful of red ants as they have a very nasty bite. While you could walk around your home with a rolled up newspaper and squash the annoying little bugs, there are other ways you can prevent the problem.

For starters, don’t leave food lying around on counter tops, as this is what attracts the ants. Then make sure your entryways are sealed with caulk. Not only will you keep out any critters, but you will also keep your home insulated in the colder months. As well as your doors and windows, check your home for other cracks, such as in the walls.Then get your vinegar out again. Ants hate the smell, so clean your floors and surfaces with a mixture of water and vinegar, as this will act as a natural deterrent. Don’t like the smell of vinegar yourself? Then try lemon juice for a more pleasant fragrance, though not for the ants, who despise the smell!

Natural deterrents are better than store bought products which contain nasty chemicals. Not only are you keeping the ants away, but you are protecting your kids and pets from touching or tasting anything harmful, as well.

Blocked drains

Outside drains can be blocked by leaves and other debris, while on the inside, food remnants and fat can cause a problem in the kitchen. Not only will you be left with standing water when you are trying to wash your dishes, but there will be a nasty odour greeting you from the pipes below.

Deal with the problem before it gets worse. You should call in a drain unblocking company for serious and persistent problems, but for lighter blockages, you may be able to deal with the issue yourself. Rather than using chemical products which can be bad for the environment, be eco-friendly and use a natural method. We recommend you pour a cup of baking powder down the sink, followed by two cups of boiling water. Wait a few minutes, and then add another cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar, and you will see and hear bubbles rising from the sink. Follow up with two more cups of boiling water, and your sink will be unblocked in no time. Repeat every month or so, and you should have eliminated the problem for good.

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