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If you’ve already got the fitness bug, you’ll know how hard it is to get rid of it. Once you get that taste for fitness, and reap the rewards of it, you’ll realise just how good it is for you. Endorphins are released which make you feel amazing after the workout, even if whilst doing it it does kill you. It is the thought of actually doing the exercise that stops people doing it so much. If you’re not used to it there is such a mental block with it all. This mental block is what we’re going to try and help you get past. There’s just too many health benefits to exercise that you’ll regret going your whole life without getting into it. If you’re at the stage where you want to exercise, but just can’t find the motivation, then read on to find out how you can get into the swing of things.

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The Benefits

We’ll start off with the benefits to get you excited about exercise. One of the first is how good it can be for your mental health. If you’re ever feeling a bit down in the dumps, sluggish, or just generally a lack of drive in your, the exercise might be the cure. Like we said, chemicals within the brain are released that actually make you feel so good once you’ve done a workout. Your mind might be challenged during it, and it definitely might not seem worth it when you’re out of breath, sweating, and your muscles are going weak. But as soon as you step out of the gym and your body starts to cool down is when you feel that amazing rush of happy feelings. It has been proven that it can help improve your mood as a whole as well as help with issues such as depression. For more information check out this link,

Another great benefit is how your energy levels will improve. Feeling sluggish and drained is something everyone goes through in their life. It usually happens once you leave school and into the working world. We aren’t treating or fuelling our bodies in the right way, and it just gets us down in terms of energy levels on a daily basis. Now, some of you might be thinking how can something that uses so much energy give you energy. Well, it is a long term benefit of exercise that you’ll reap the rewards of. This is because blood flow around your body is improved on a whole. Muscles are being stimulated that wouldn’t usually be worked in a normal day, and more blood is being pumped around the body. More blood means more oxygen the muscles are receiving, this extra oxygen is what will give you the long term energy boost.

Finally, probably the most obvious one, it does help with weight loss and your long term body goals. Going to the gym once a week and carrying on with a poor diet obviously isn’t going to help. But if you’re consistent and actually get into a routine there’s no end to the benefits that you’re going to feel. It’ll take about six weeks of a constant routine to really start noticing results. In the meantime it will be hard to keep pushing yourself when you don’t feel as though you’re getting much in return. With weight loss it is easier to see results quicker if you are sticking to a good diet. Just read this information and you’ll realise how important the combination of exercise and diet is, But if your goals involve toning or building muscle it could take a lot longer.

A Routine

As we’ve said, getting into a routine is one of the hardest parts of actually going to the gym or doing any form of exercise. It might be hard to see it now, but after a few weeks of going, we promise you will actually have that drive to get up out of bed and go. A few weeks to be precise is six weeks. Studies have shown that after six weeks is when you’re going to have that determination to go. But if you’re only going once a week it is definitely going to take you longer. For it to be effective you need to be going around three to four times a week with a consistent diet. Your diet plays a big part in your energy levels and how you feel about yourself. Try and spread they days out evenly through the week so that you have a rest in between the days. That way it won’t be as hard to keep going day after day. Just make sure you don’t lose the motivation in between days!

A Future

Fitness can bring you a brighter future than you might realise. Once you catch the fitness bug, it will become a sort of obsession, but you can easily turn this obsession into a career. Why wouldn’t you want to do something that you have such a passion for!? The first route you could go down would be a personal trainer. You would start off at the bottom most likely working in a gym. But then you could branch out and go self-employed. This is where things could start going really well for you. There’s a lot more money to be made, and you’ll have a lot more freedom with it all. If you build up enough of a good client base, you could even work your way up to training the stars. Plenty of people have got to that level already.  Another route that you might prefer more keeps your exercising life separate. A nutritionist helps people realise what is good and bad in their diet, and how to reach their goals through dieting. There are so many different foods out there that have so many different benefits. For example, people trying to build muscle are going to benefit from a diet filled with protein. Helping people reach their goals through a bit of education is great. You do need a qualification for this, but if it is something you’re going to be passionate about the retraining will be worth it.

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Diet Is Important!

People who go to the gym three times a week, but still follow a rubbish diet and wonder why they’re not seeing an improvement have not been educated properly. Exercise only really has a benefit when you couple it with a really heathy diet. Still eat junk food, foods with a high salt and sugar content, or even fizzy drinks won’t get the results they’re looking for. If you want to start seeing the different you need to follow the 80% clean, 20% relaxed diet. On the clean days you need to make sure that absolutely everything you’re eating is natural, and low in salts and sugars etc. There are some beautiful recipes on the internet that will make the clean eating style bearable. But on the days where you’re relaxed, it doesn’t mean you can binge eat absolutely everything you want. You can just maybe squeeze in a treat or two. A big binge eat will undo absolutely everything you’ve done on the clean days. Another main point to follow is always eating three, or maybe even more meals a day. Some people believe that three solid meals a day will be enough. Some experts say five smaller meals is more effective. Whichever you choose, make sure it is healthy. Start the day with carbs such as a bowl of porridge to give you fuel. Meal prep for lunch with rice, meat, and veg. Mix in a bit of sauce so it isn’t totally bland. For dinner, fish and veg, maybe with some pasta will be good. That is just a rough guide of one day.

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