Summer is fast approaching and with it comes days spent in the garden, enjoying BBQ’s, paddling pools filled to the brim and evenings spent enjoying the warm summer breeze. If you’re looking forward to spending the summer months enjoying your garden but you’re not sure where to start after the long, cold winter then keep reading. Below you will find 5 simple steps which will have your garden looking summer ready in no time at all.

Give your garden the once over
Your garden has been neglected for the last few months and has had to combat some extreme weather conditions, the wind, rain and possibly even snow. It’s a good idea to walk through your garden to see if there has been any damage from the winter months. Be sure to check your guttering, fence, shed and any other areas of your garden which are susceptible to damage. If you come across any damage, the Handy Squad provides an odd job service in London which could repair any damage that has occurred over the winter months. When you’re walking through your garden you can make a list of things you need to repair and things you need to do to get your garden ready to enjoy over the summer months.
Clean your decking
If you have decking in your garden then chances are it has become dirty and discoloured over the long winter months. Decking can play a big part in how your garden looks, giving it a quick clean can help give it a new lease of life and have your garden looking great in no time at all. The Handy Squad come recommended for jet washing decking in London if you’re looking for someone to do that hard work for you. Whilst they’re washing your decking, the Handy Squad can also clean and treat your garden furniture to keep it looking good for longer.
Remove any weeds
Clearing out the weeds from your garden is an important step when getting your garden summer ready. If you don’t kill the weeds they will continue to grow over the warm summer months and you could find yourself with a bit of a jungle. If you’re like me and you’re not sure what’s a weed and what’s not then this clever gardening app will come in handy. Simply take a photo of the unidentified plant and the app will tell you if it’s a weed or not, perfect for those of use who want to make our gardens look nice but aren’t sure where to start.
Mow your lawn
An Old Wives’ Tale which many of us believe/d is that grass doesn’t grow during the cold winter months, this simply isn’t true. Grass grows throughout the year but at a slower rate during the colder, winter months. Now the weather is improving it’s the perfect time to get the lawnmower out and cut the grass if you haven’t cut it in the last few months. Winter gardening is definitely a thing!
Start planting
Spring is the perfect time to start planting new flowers and vegetables so they’re ready to bloom in summer. If you’re new to gardening you might be a little overwhelmed by the choice of plants available and knowing when you should plant them for the best results. The good news is there are always options available, no matter how late in the season you leave it before you plant. If you choose to grow fruit and veg there are some basic gardening techniques to keep in mind which will help you get the best results.

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