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Maxx and I were sent a huge box of craft goodies from the lovely people over at Baker Ross a little while back. Unfortunately due to his mummy going into hospital, a family holiday and then poor Maxx being ill things have been pretty hectic and we didn’t have the opportunity to get crafty until recently.

We love anything crafty, making cards, drawing, glueing, cutting and anything else crafty is sure to be a part of our rainy day activities.  Unfortunately Maxx’s mummy recently went into hospital for a little over a week but this gave us the perfect opportunity to get the craft box out and make something to cheer her up. We got stuck in and started cutting, drawing, glueing and generally making a mess – it’s all part and parcel and a little mess never hurt anyone!


The first thing we did was to make a card for Maxx’s mum using the best mum cards. Inside the pack are 8 cards in total and there is a choice of 4 different designs, you can choose from Super Mum, No.1 Mum, Best mum and Top Mum. The cards are in the shape of a lady’s head and the idea is to get creative and draw your mums face on the empty space. The card opens up so you can write a message inside. It’s a great idea and the great thing is you can colour in the card, glue things to it and basically get as creative as your imagination will allow. Maxx decided to colour in the top and necklace then draw on his mummy’s face. The cards stand up well and are made of a medium thickness card so they don’t fall over with the slightest breeze like some cards. There’s a large selection of create your own cards available in different designs, they would make great birthday invitations that children could personalise and sent to their friends.

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Painting is something Maxx enjoys so when I saw the pack of 10 heart magnets in the box I thought we could get the paints out and he could get messy designing some magnets. These make a lovely gift for Mother’s day, birthdays or just a little keepsake. Creating the heart magnet is really simple, there are self adhesive magnets included in the pack so it’s a case of taking of the backing off and sticking the magnet onto the heart then decorating it. The magnet sticks really well to the heart and I was unable to pull it off after we had stuck it down. Maxx painted the heart, we let it dry, he then chose some jewels to stick on to make it look nice. The heart magnets are priced at £2.99 for a pack of 10.

The next item Maxx chose to get creative with was the Design Your Own Flower Pots. This was one of my favorite products out of the items we were sent as I loved the idea. The flower pots cost £4.96 for a pack of 4 which I think is good value for money and perfect if you have more than one child who is crafty. So let me explain how these work, there are two pots, a clear outer pot and a white inner pot (where you would put your plant). When you put the pots together there is a space in between where you can put the paper design sheet that comes with the pots, you can then see the design on the paper thanks to the clear outer pot. Each pot comes with 3 pieces of paper, 2 have designs printed on them which can be coloured in and one is blank so it can be designed in any way. I love the fact you can change the design by simple replacing the paper, a lovely idea that made Maxx’s mummy smile.

You might have noticed the treasure chest in the picture at the top of the post, this is a cute little pack which includes two make your own treasure chests. They are simple to make and Maxx was able to get involved putting the jigsaw chest pieces together, putting on the self adhesive decorations and glueing on some sequins. The chests are easy to make and don’t take too long which kept Maxx’s attention, he really enjoyed making the chest and put some of the extra craft items inside. They are priced at £2.95 for a pack of two.


Another item I loved from the Baker Ross items was the Daffodil Wreath Kit which is priced at £2.49. This Wreath is perfect if you’re not a super crafty person or if you don’t like a lot of mess as there’s no glueing or cutting involved. It’s perfect for children of any age as there are lots of different ways they can get involved, for the younger children and something Maxx loved doing was removing the paper backing from the sticky items, for older children they can get involved by rolling the flowers and creating the loop to hang the wreath up. Maxx gave the items we made to his mum and he was very pleased with himself for making them all, it was lovely to spend time together having fun and watching him getting creative as it’s something he really enjoys.

I was highly impressed with the variety of items available on the Baker Ross website, there are over four thousand items to choose from, it’s a one stop shop for all your crafting needs. We have used the stickers, flowers, lolly sticks and other items we were sent on several occasions and still have lots of bits left. If you’re looking for things to keep your children busy on a rainy day or over the fast approaching summer holidays then I would highly recommend taking a look at the Baker Ross website. Lots of the products would make great activities for children’s birthday parties to keep them all entertained and they also make lovely personalised gifts for special occasions.

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