Gift Ideas for a Loved One who is Retiring


If you’re after a gift for a loved one who is retiring, below are some ideas to help get you started. There’s something for all budgets and tastes that they are bound to absolutely love, and that will make them feel special and appreciated after a long life of working.

A photo album
Photo albums always make a lovely gift, especially if you put a lot of thought into them and fill them with lovely photos of happy memories. You could do a timeline of their life in it, and leave space at the back for all their photos of their happy retirement.

A special bottle of bubbly
Treat them to something luxurious like a really special bottle of their favourite bubbly. Go for something really frivolous that they’re unlikely to treat themselves too, like a vintage bottle of whiskey from a significant year; like the year they graduated or started at their favourite job, for example.

An illustration of a significant building from their life
We found this print online and thought it was a really lovely idea – a print of their university to hang on their wall. You could get one done of any significant building from their life though, such as things like their first bought home or their first or last job.

An experience day gift voucher
Give them the chance to try something new and really exciting by getting them a voucher for an experience day. You could go for something totally random and exciting like a fun sport or the chance to try out a race car, or you could get them something to spark the start of a new hobby, such as a voucher for a cooking class, for example.

Something nice for the garden
Even if they’re going into retirement living, with reputable companies there will be garden space that they can do with as they please, so something lovely for the garden would be really nice. It could be something they plant themselves from seeds or a beautiful plant to maintain. Bird boxes make a lovely gift too, and are the ideal gift if you’re after something a little different from the norm.

Something nice for the home
Likewise, something for their home is always a nice idea. Whether it’s something for the kitchen; like new special mugs or glasses or something for the living room; such as personalised cushions or photo frames, choose something that’s really personal to them for maximum impact to make them smile.

Night/mini break away
If you’re budget is a little larger or if you’re getting them something as a group and have more money to spend, you could wow them with a mini break somewhere lovely to kick start their retirement off with a lovely bang. You could opt for a city break somewhere nice in Europe or even in the UK where you could go for something really luxurious. There are some great deals here.

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