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Gift Ideas for Children of All Ages

Buying gifts for children is certainly a fun part of Christmas but as children’s likes and dislikes are constantly changing knowing what they like from one day to the next can be a challenge. Do they still like the toy they were raving about last week? Will it be discarded after one afternoon? Is it suitable for their age?

These are some of the questions I have found myself asking when looking at buying gifts for children in my family and I’m sure I’m not alone in these thoughts. The good news is, there’s a great range of gifts available this year which means there’s sure to be something your little ones would love to find under the Christmas tree. If you’re struggling for gift ideas I hope the below will give you a few ideas to get you started.

If your children have been asking for a pet why not give them the next best thing… AniMagic Woofles. All of the fun without any of the responsibility or mess. Woofles is a playful pup with lifelike movements, stroke his head and he will make cute puppy sounds, talk to him or squeeze his bone and he’ll respond by barking and moving around. Woofles comes with his collar and squeaky bone.

Keep little ones active this Christmas with the fun Tiger Tribe Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set that encourages children to race against the clock to complete fun challenges. The set includes a booklet with 36 fun challenges to complete including a blinking challenge, set up courses at the park or test how long you can bounce a balloon in the air. These exciting activities can be played alone or with friends and almost anywhere whether at home, at the park or even at school.

Light Stax is a fun illuminated construction blocks set that lets children build their own creations out of LED blocks. The set contains a USB powered base (can also be battery operated 3x AAA) to build structures on and when the base is illuminated the blocks will light up creating fun structures as wild as your imagination. The light can be set to solid, flashing or gentle fade which means it can double up as a unique nightlight.

A few chocolate treats at Christmas is always going to be a winner with children and Cadbury has a great selection of chocolatey treats in all shapes and sizes this year. Festive themed treats include a variety of Cadbury chocolate tubes (Freddo Faces, Fudge, Buttons etc), Snow Bites, or of course, there’s the iconic Cadbury Selection Box – yum! If it’s your job to bring some tasty after-dinner treats then you could opt for a tub of Cadbury Heroes which has something everyone will enjoy.

This fun and fast-paced Scuderia Ferrari RC from Chicco will have little ones age 3 and over cheering at the finish line. This colourful racing car has been reproduced from the official Formula One Ferrari racing car and features authentic sounds and light effects to create an exciting racing experience children will love. Fun sound effects are triggered by the car moving or when pressing the driver’s helmet. The remote control has been designed with little hands in mind and is easy for children to grip and operate the controls for hours of racetrack action.

Most children find gross sounds hilarious so they will love these Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers. These mischevious creatures make gross sounds when you pull their tongue, throw them through the air or bash them into targets. Break the crate open to discover which creature is inside, there are 12 monstrous characters to collect each with a target printed inside the box for some Basher target practice. Launch your Basher through the air like a rubber band by pulling their tongue and pulling back, when you release your Basher they will fly through the air.

This fun game will have everyone laughing and moving as they try to catch as many pieces of toasted bread in their pan as they pop out of the toaster, just don’t catch the rotten fish! Crazy Toaster is suitable for ages 4+ and can be enjoyed by 2-4 players.

This gift is not only a fun item that children will love but it’s educational too. The Build Your Own Solar Robot 14 in 1 lets children create a variety of different robots which are powered entirely by the sun. The box includes a solar panel and plastic parts which children can use to create 14 different robots that can walk, swim, roll and float. This kit is sure to provide hours of fun, once one robot has been completed children can simply deconstruct the robot and build a different model, the kit also comes with an instruction manual showing how to build each robot with the option of building a more difficult version.

Fairies capture the imagination of children all over the world and this sweet My Fairy Garden will help bring fairies to life. The Fairy Garden contains everything needed for children to create their very own magical fairy home in only a few simple steps. Simply add soil to the fairy bowl and plant the grass seeds provided to create a fairy lawn, in just a few short weeks the grass will grow to create a gorgeous grassed area. While waiting for the grass seeds to grow children can construct the fairy house, lay the colourful gravel path, install the washing line, add the toadstool, position the fairy flowers, create a water feature with the oyster shell and find a home for the cute little mouse. Don’t forget to add the fairy figure (included) to the garden – this is when the magic will really begin.

Ripping Randy is part of the Fartist Club range which includes 4 different characters that each has 10 exclusive fart sounds, sure to be the source of many laughs this Christmas. There’s even the option of setting the figure to fart delay so users can surprise their friends or family when they least expect it.

For the music-loving teen or pre-teen why not treat them to a stylish pair of Giotech TX-30 headphones. Not only are the headphones sleek and stylish but they boast high-quality sound, crystal clear chat for gaming and powerful audio. The headphones are lightweight, have ultra-soft cushioning and offers fingertip controls for mic, mute and volume. The headphones are available in three vibrant colours pink, blue and green.

Fast hands at the ready to play this fun game from Ideal. Roll the dice to find out the combination of shape and colour piece you have to grab, but be quick! When you’ve secured your piece hide it behind your back and don’t look at it. If you roll and the piece has already been grabbed by someones else you have to be the first to shout out who has it to either keep it (if you already have it) or to steal it from an opposing player. The first player to collect the required number of pieces wins! It’s a fun game which would be a great game to play on Christmas day while the turkey is cooking in the oven.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some tasty HARIBO sweets and this year there’s a great selection of stocking filler and gift ideas to choose from. There’s a Christmas cracker full of HARIBO Starmix, a HARIBO Selection Box which contains a variety of 8 mini bags or a lovely HARIBO Fairyland castle which contains an enchanting mix of unicorns and fairies in strawberry & cream and strawberry candy floss flavours. HARIBO is a delicious treat no matter what age you are.

Babies will love this Hauck Jump Around-Hearts from Kiddies Kingdom, they can play, bounce and spin until their heart’s content. The activity centre will keep your little one entertained for hours with musical nursery rhymes, lights. The buttons, rattles, balls and activities encourage babies to develop their fine motor skills.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a child who likes to build things or who is a fan of dinosaurs then look no further than this fun STAX Hybrid Dinosaur set. This fun playset lets children enjoy traditional building blocks with a fun twist, lights and sounds! The set contains a motion activated base which sees dinosaurs coming back to life with lights and realistic sounds. STAX bricks are also compatible with other major building bricks brands which means you can mix and match products.

Highstreet store Smiggle is a huge hit which children from age 5 through to teens with their unique range of stationery and quirky goods. This Christmas Smiggle has a great selection of Christmas gift ideas to choose from for all ages. If you know a little one who likes to keep their treasured items safe then a funky coded safe would be a great choice of gift. For a fun and gross gift how about a Goo Poop gift set which will let children make their own slime poop. There’s also the fun Pranks and Tricks Advent Calendar which would make a lovely pre-Christmas treat for the prankster in your life.

Budding scientists will love this Kitchen Science Kit which includes instructions on how to perform 6 science experiments using simple things found in the kitchen – washing up liquid, sugar, a fork, food colouring and other common kitchen items. When combining the simple kitchen accessories with the apparatus in the box, little scientists will be able to create rockets, volcanoes, electricity, take and identify finger prints and more.

Bikes and scooters are popular gift choices for children at Christmas but one item that can often be forgotten is a helmet. If you’re buying a ride-on toy this Christmas then why not get them an amazing helmet which they will love and that will also help them stay safe when riding their new toy. Mini Hornit Kids Helmets are like no other, they’re designed with cool in mind and are available in a variety of designs that kids will love to wear including, a cute bow design, a scary shark, cute puppies or you could opt for a plain black one like that pictured above. Not only are the designs great but the helmets are lightweight, comfortable, adjustable and even an integrated LED light for added safety when riding in the dark.

If you want to add a touch of colour and comfort to your child’s room this Christmas the Mini-b beanbag would be a great addition. The Mini-b beanbag is available in 11 different colours which means there’s a colour to suit every bedroom and personality. The beanbag is compact which means it’s great for small spaces but don’t let that fool you, this stylish seat is perfect for children who love to lounge. It wraps around and moulds to fit their body creating a comfortable seat and uses body heat to maintain the perfect temperature. Made from stretchable, breathable and water-resistant material, the B-bag is suitable for just about everywhere including the living room, playroom, bedroom or even out in the garden.

If your child is a fan of blind bags they’ll love these cute character blind bags. Moj Moj Mystery Packs each contain two squishies inside but you won’t know who’s hiding inside until you open them. With 95 squishies to collect children will love the excitement of opening the bags to see which characters are hiding inside.

Mr Pop is back and he’s better than ever. Children will love racing against the clock to build Mr Pop’s face before the time runs out. Set the timer, pick one of the 12 face cards then race to build Mr Pops face before the time runs out. If you’re quick and you manage to complete his face press the start/stop button to pause the timer and you’ve won! If you’re too slow and the timer runs out Mr Pop will pop up sending the pieces flying!

For keen footballers, this One World Futbol is the ultimate gift. The ball is unpoppable, ultra durable, doesn’t need pumping up, and never goes flat – even when driven over or punctured. Although the ball is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, the fact that the Futbol will last much longer makes it more environmentally friendly and no longer will football games have to be called off when a ball has gone flat. What’s more, 5% of every purchase supports play projects for organisations working with children in disadvantaged communities.

Everyone loves a good challenge and this skill-based toy is sure to be a hit with children everywhere this Christmas. Can you catch the ball and seamlessly send it through the loop? Once you’ve mastered the simple tricks it’s time to take things up a notch and start learning new tricks, inventing your own and even getting competitive with family and friends to see who can master Pindaloo. This game will provide hours of fun for the whole family and can also help improve motor skills, coordination and even relieve stress.

Make magical unicorn poop this Christmas with Poopsie Slime Surprise. Inside the container, you will find 10 surprise items including everything you need to make customisable rainbow poop, use the scent dropper to add a fragrance to the poop then sprinkle in some glitter to create your own unique unicorn poop slime. You can then store the unicorn slime in the collectable slime container or exclusive character keychain for fun on the go. There are a total of 18 Poopsie Surprises to collect and create.

Children who enjoy creative play will love these fun Power Dough playsets. Children can mould a cute animal out of dough then add fun accessories and even power parts to bring their creation to life. The power parts are activated when pushed into the dough and add that wow factor to any dough creatures making them talk, light up and move! You can purchase large Power Dough sets and also smaller packs with different accessories and power parts to let you create a variety of different dough creations. The accessories and power parts are compatible with other dough products so you can mix and match for hours of moulding fun.

Buying a gift for a young child can often be difficult but these colourful Rainbow Wooden Building Blocks would make a lovely gift. The 7 colourful blocks will encourage children to play and use their imagination to create a range of fun designs and structures with the wooden blocks before knocking them down to start over again. Great for encouraging fine motor skills, colour recognition and imaginative play whether building towers, using the blocks as bridges or as part of a marble run, the possibilities are endless.

If you have a budding artist on your hands then how about some coloured pens from STABILO that will let little Picassos get creative and work on their next Mona Lisa. STABILO has a great selection of stationery items which would make a lovely stocking filler for children who like writing, colouring or has a creative streak.

Ready2Robot combines three popular toys, robots, slime and blind bags for a fun and exciting Christmas stocking filler. Open the Bot Brawler pack to find out which mechbot is hiding inside, unbox and build your mechbot from the 7 parts then find the robot pilot figure hiding inside the slime pot. Now it’s time to battle your friends and win Fightanium Arena glory! If you have more than one mechbot you can combine parts to create the ultimate robot and become the unbeaten champion.

An update on the classic painting by numbers comes this Crystal Card Kit from Craft Buddy. Children will love creating their own blingtastic cards to give to family and friends, choose from a single card pack or a larger multipack with an array of cards to choose from including Happy Birthday, a princess design (pictured) and many lovely animal designs. The kit includes everything needed to create a glistening work of art including crystals, a pickup pencil which makes picking up the crystals easy and a self-adhesive front which means no messy glue is needed to stick the crystals to the card. This would make a lovely stocking filler for a creative child this Christmas.

Delicious stocking filler ideas from Swizzels Christmas range, perfect for children or adults. Choose from tasty Drumstick Squashies, Love Hearts, Drumsticks Lollies or one of the many yummy treats available. Sweets are always a winner when it comes to stocking filler ideas and with Swizzels having such a great selection there’s something everyone will love.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is back again with another annual brimming with amazing facts, spooky stories and incredible photos. Children will love delving into the weird and wonderful stories and facts including learning about the spider that can spin webs that are stronger than steel, see the two-headed bull shark, hear how a farmer grew a chilli 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce and much, much more. Curious minds will love everything about this weird and wonderful annual including it’s out-of-this-world 3D-effect front cover.

This fun card game is a great twist on the classic game of snap and is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Each player plays a card while counting in sequence from 0-9, but watch out! When a card played is the same as the number spoken players must quickly slam their hand on the cards. The last player to slam their hand on the pile has to pick up the cards, the first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner. Play can be kept simple or you can add additional cards such as reverse and skip to make gameplay that little bit harder. Say it, see it… slam it!

Budding Youtubers or Podcasters will be thrilled to find the Snowball iCE Plug and Play USB Microphone under the Christmas tree. The sleek and stylish Snowball iCE enables users to get crisp and clear sound for recording and streaming. Don’t put up with the inferior sound quality of a built-in computer microphone, the Snowball iCE delivers crystal-clear sound quality and is even Skype certified meaning you’ll get great sound quality no matter how you’re using it whether at home or in the office. You can record quickly and easily with this device, simply mount Snowball iCE on the adjustable stand provided, plug the USB into your device and you’re ready to start recording. It really is as quick and easy as that, quality sound in seconds.

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish gift then smart trainers would make a lovely present, especially for the style conscious teen or pre-teen. Whether they would like a pair of pink Converse, white Adidas or colourful Nikes you can find a huge selection of trainers online at Spartoo, they even have an outlet section where you can find a lot of great reductions.

When the Teen Titans go to the big screen, they go big! The Teen Titans have watched all of the other superheroes head to the big screen and it’s finally their turn to make it big and star in their own movie. Can the Teen Titans make it to Tinsel Town and make it big or will their run-in with a supervillain set to take over the world ruin their big break? Teen Titan fans will love this hilarious family movie which has twists and turns around every corner.

Personalised products are always a winner when it comes to gifts for children, they make a lovely keepsake and little ones will love seeing their name on the product. If you’re thinking of a personalised gift this Christmas then Wonderbly has a lovely selection of personalised books available, you could even opt for one of the Christmassy titles such as The Christmas Snowflake or The Elf Who Saved Christmas. There are also other great books available including a search and find book which can be personalised with your child’s name.

**Disclosure – Please note this guide includes items which were kindly gifted to me in return for inclusion. This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase, this will not incur any cost to you. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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