When it comes to both the practical and monetary value of a home, there are few hotter commodities than space. Square footage can add a hefty sum to the property value and liveable square footage adds even more. But even the idea of more space and the illusion or appearance of a more open space has plenty of value to homeowners. If you’re feeling a little cramped in your home or you want to add to your investment, you might want to consider these methods of giving it some more room.

Change it around

The most convenient way to add real living space to a home for most people is to look at the kind of space you already have available. As a rule, it tends to be easier and cheaper to convert a garage more than any other part of the home. To not lose the utility of a garage, however, many choose to convert the loft instead. It’s a costly process, but it rarely requires permission and guides like homebuilding.co.uk/loft-conversion-beginners-guide/ make it a lot more achievable for those who could use the DIY touch to lower the budget some.

Open it up

You don’t need to necessarily add any actual physical space to give the home a lot more room, instead. Look at ways you could change your windows, for one. Lighter window treatments, like replacing curtains with blinds, could allow for a lot more light in a room which creates the illusion of more space. For more than an illusion, however, you can open out onto the garden entirely without too much effort. Doors like those at bifold-hardware.com/bi-fold-systems could let you entirely open the wall of a dining room or a living room out onto the garden, adding a whole new dynamic to the room. Providers of bi-fold door systems tend to offer bespoke options to the dimension of the door you want, too, so it’s your choice as to how much you would like to open up the room to the outdoors.

Add it on

The most extensive and expensive work is also the kind of work that’s going to add the most value to the home. Extending the home is not a simple process. You need to make sure you have permission to extend it, for one, which can be a long enough process on its own. Some conservatories and orangeries don’t need planning permission, but if you want the space of an extra room, make sure the path is clear. You also need a lot of design decisions to make, from where and what walls are erected to what kind of roofing you add. It’s your chance to design a completely bespoke room to add to the home, however. For many, that’s worth the time and the cost even without the investment potential of it.

Creating new interior spaces or transforming previously unlivable ones is one of the most effective ways to guarantee your house’s value goes up. But people will pay more for spaces that look and feel more open as well. More importantly, it’s a lot easier to feel more comfortable in a home that doesn’t feel quite so claustrophobic.

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