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I know we’re still in the throes of winter, but planning is key right?! I love the Summer months, the long days, the sunshine, the beautiful colours in the garden, it’s such a lovely season. It’s easy to see why people enjoy bringing some aspects of the outdoors indoors so it can be enjoyed all year round. In fact, it was a popular trend for 2016, and one that’s being carried through to 2017.

If you have thought about jumping on the bandwagon for this trend and enjoy DIY projects you could try some simple DIY projects to bring the outdoors indoors. There are a lot of ideas to help you brighten up your home with an outdoorsy theme, including artificial grass bar stools (my personal favourite), upside down planters and a shower rock wall, among other brilliant ideas.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to bring the outdoors indoors, then take a look at the suggestions below.

Folding doors

If you own your own home and have a door which leads to your back garden, then why not think about replacing it with contemporary folding doors. They are available in a whole host of different materials and colours to suit any style. This is one of the best ways to really open up your room and bring the outside in. When I own my home folding doors is on my dream list.

Bring greenery inside

There’s nothing nicer than some greenery in the home, whether that be a potted plant, a small herb garden on your kitchen window or flowers which help any room look fresh and bright. This is one easy and cost-effective way of bringing the outdoors inside.

Natural flooring and furniture

I love natural wood, the natural grain, the colours and the slight imperfections you only get with natural wood all make it an appealing choice for flooring and furniture for many people. Also, the fact that it’s cheaper than other artificial alternatives and easy to care for makes it a popular choice for people wanting a more natural look and feel to their home.

Embrace the leaf print

Leaf print (banana leaf to be precise) was all the rage in 2016, there were cushions, curtains, throws, you name it and the leaf print covered it. If you loved the trend in 2016 or want to incorporate it in your home for 2017 then I have some good news, it’s still proving extremely popular. If you want to brighten up your living room with some outdoor themed items why not invest in some leaf print cushions. This is a very cost effective way of bringing the outdoors in, you could even try your hand at making your own DIY leaf print cushions.

What are your thoughts on bringing the outdoors in?

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