There’s something rather special about the British Christmas Hamper, be it as the perfect present for someone who’s hard to shop for, or as a unique treat for those loved ones who adore all the festive favourites – mini Christmas pudding anyone? They also act as an excellent reward to yourself for getting all the gift wrapping out the way early because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to sit down to a wicker basket of tempting treats like they’re at a posh indoor picnic at Downton Abbey?

Pick Your Products Early

Christmas Hampers are like any in demand item once they’re gone they’re gone. Avoid any disappointment by booking yours early, luxury Christmas food hampers take some time to prepare, ingredients are carefully selected and often packed by hand to ensure a safe, trouble free delivery. Delivery dates don’t just apply to high street stores as many online retailers request that any food related orders are placed no later than the 16th / 17th December, with guaranteed delivery up until the 22nd December.

Not Everyone Likes What You Do

Think about who you’re picking the Hamper for as the items you would normally choose for yourself might be not quite to someone else’s taste. Try to remember what they enjoy for example are they a cheese, cake or pie person? Do they have any special dietary requirements and do they drink alcohol? Christmas hampers come in all shapes and sizes so the design of, what is essentially a giant present, is important too. Do you want the recipient to see the products straight away through the sealed cellophane cover, or might a hat box style hamper be better for gift giving?

Budget Your Bounty

Look at how much the actual Hamper contains as they are tightly packed and full of delicious, delightful items that may not be in your budget. Consider how much the recipient may be spending on yourself as you don’t want to embarrass or upset them if the quantity is a lot smaller, or indeed larger, than the gift that they have sent, or will send to you. A few Hampers tend to replicate certain products such as cheeses, or chutneys in several flavours so try to look for one that is well rounded, includes a good variety of products and doesn’t sway more towards sweet, savoury, or dessert unless that’s what you were after in the first place.

Successful Delivery

Finally, if you know that you, yourself are receiving a Hamper in the next few days do try to be in on the day of delivery. This is important as due to the expiry date of some of the contents, not to mention the delicate nature of the packaging the item must be taken inside by someone as they cannot be left on the doorstep. Make sure to include a card when you purchase the hamper as then it’s clear who the gift is from.

Christmas Hampers are beautiful, thoughtful and highly personal presents if done correctly, not all hampers need to be store bought, but for best of British produce as well as some seasonal favourites that you might not be able to find yourself then a specialist company is best.

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