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Great Advice On Purchasing Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are thinking about purchasing a pink diamond engagement ring, you are going to want to know the facts. As they are very rare, fewer dealers will sell them and therefore the price is naturally higher.  

If you want something truly special, the pink diamond engagement ring is it. They are one of the most coveted out of all the coloured diamonds. Both special as they are rare, they are in low circulation so be prepared for the investment if you choose it.  

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1. Make sure your diamond is GIA certified.  

GIA is a worldwide way of grading and authenticating diamonds. When buying something as precious and expensive as pink diamonds, you will want to ensure it comes with a GIA graded certificate. This stands for Gemological Institute of America. There will be other labs you may see which are often shady and unofficial. It’s crucial you do your research and don’t settle for a diamond that isn’t graded.  

Why is this so crucial? GIA will accurately state the stone’s qualities and ensure they are represented correctly.  

2. Be cautious.  

You always need to be patient and cautious when buying a pink diamond. Deals that are too good to be true very sadly, often are. It’s best to go to established jewellers that have the proper credentials and paperwork to go along with any diamond they sell.  

3. Buy from knowledgeable jewellers.  

You’ll want to have a face to face conversation with the jeweller to ensure they are authentic and knowledgeable about the diamond they are selling you. They should be able to confidently inform you on all aspects from the 4C’s to its history.  

Also, it’s wise to check for reviews and testimonials online. If anyone has a bad reputation, it’s probably best to not take any chances and stay clear from this dealer. It can save you a whole lot of heartache and money in the long-run.  

4. Shop smart to save money.  

Just like any other diamond, the same principles apply when trying to find them at affordable prices. When purchasing pink diamonds, consider the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. If there are ways you can lower the price, for example, when you buy 0.94 of a carat instead of 1.00 carat, you can have huge savings and not much difference in the quality of the stone.  

If you shop smart, do your research and remember these tips. We are sure you’ll buy a beautifully rare pink diamond ring you and your loved one will be happy with. Applying the above will keep you protected and in the know.  

Once you have purchased your pink diamond make sure you take good care of your engagement ring to keep it looking amazing.

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