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5 Inspiring bunk beds designs with stairs for your kids bedroom

If you and your family members are living within a small living area, you will have to make do with certain rooms and adjust them to suit the needs of your kids. This is where space-savvy additions come into play to make sure that comfortability and practicality is achieved. 

One of the most common arrangements for a bedroom would be adding bunk beds for kids. Kids bunk beds involves a lot of creativity and smart planning from parents. There are a lot of bunk bed designs that you could do to the kids’ bedroom, but of course, it should also be considered that you don’t have to spend a huge sum of money just to renovate the house just to make an extra room for other members of the family. 

Here are some of the brilliant ways to maximize a bedroom and make each of them look personalized without having to overspend on renovations and such.   

Single Bunk 

childrens wooden cabin bed with desk underneath

Who says a single child can’t enjoy having a bunk bed? With a compact room style, having a bunk-style bed saves enough room for you to be able to place a study desk below their bed and still have space for a few drawers and bookshelf. 

Bunk Beds for Four 

Lego inspired bunk beds

If you think having a bunk bed set to accommodate four children would be quite impossible, we suggest that you to try and get more creative! These two brilliant design inspirations will save you space by placing the beds adjacent together with its stairs serving as a division for the four bunk beds 

elegant bunk beds for teenagers

Elevated Bunks 

DIY floating bunk beds

You’ll have to be more strategic when it comes to elevating a few of the beds to accommodate other furniture within the small bedroom. But In terms of aesthetic design, this may bring a sense of excitement for your kids since it somehow gives of a Peter Pan-esque concept due to the beds being hung by ropes.  

Three Is A Concept 

Three white bunk beds for children

Having three kids in one room will obviously take up a lot of space. But fortunately, this design is a great solution to your problems with space saving. As long as you measure your floor to ceiling ratio, you will be able to set up a three-layer bunk bed attached to the wall for additional support.  

Bunk Beds with a Mini Stairs 

Stylish wooden bunk beds for toddlers

Veering away from the traditional ladder, this double bed has a mini stairs on its side. This actually makes it convenient for them to maneuver and get up to the top bed without having to climb a scary ladder. Plus, you can easily make use of it as a bookshelf or an extra set of drawers even underneath the bed. But if two beds aren’t enough, you can convert and set up a small sliding bed under the bed so that you have an extra set of mattress. 

We hope these bunk bed designs will inspire you to adjust a few things within your kids’ bedroom so that they can have peaceful dreams in their sleep and enjoy the comfort of having their own safe space with their siblings. 

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