Grow Your Own Herbs

A bowl of home grown herbs

Are you a novice in the garden but want to try your hand at growing your own herbs this year?

I’ll admit I’m not green fingered at all but I do love being outdoors, enjoy the beauty of flowers and would love to grow some of my own fruit, veg and herbs. Thankfully, there are a lot of great resources online which can help with advice on growing your own, like this great infographic from Trago which shows when to sow and when to grow herbs.

The great thing about growing herbs is you don’t need a greenhouse or any fancy gadgets to get started. You can even grow herbs if you don’t have a garden, many people grow herbs in their kitchen on the window sill. You can choose to grow a wide selection of herbs which will not only add some greenery to your kitchen but will help you spice up mealtimes too.

I have decided to try and grow (notice I say try!) Chives, Dill and Sage and I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress and having some delicious herbs to enjoy at the end. With the help of the infographic, I feel a lot more confident in knowing which herbs I can grow and when, what temperature they need to be kept at, where to keep them and when is the right time to harvest them too!

I would love to know if you grow your own herbs?

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