Are you hosting Christmas this year? You might find the below interesting reading if you are, as it turns out almost half (48%) of people judge their family and friends by the state of their home.

Direct Blinds conducted a survey to find the nations top guest gripes this festive season. The top 3 guest gripes are bad smells at 55%, ashtrays and smoking at 47% and an unclean bathroom at 42%. I think most of us can relate to some of these in one way or another, as much as we might not want to admit it.

It seems that although family and friends might judge the state of our homes we aren’t willing to spend a long time cleaning with 47% of people surveyed saying they would only spend an hour or less cleaning for guests.

The top three preparation tasks are hoovering 70%, tidying away clutter 60% and cleaning the bathroom 55%. I have to admit that if I have people coming over I will go out of my way to make sure things are clean and fresh, especially if people are coming to stay overnight.

If you’re looking to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible this Christmas it’s worth noting that clean sheets, a clean bathroom and feeling comfortable and at home were rated the most important things for guests.

You can find the full results in the inforgraphic below, it certainly makes for interesting reading!


What are your guest gripes when visiting someone’s home?

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