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Hallmark Christmas Gift Ideas


Hallmark has a lovely range of gifts, wrappings, Christmas cards and novelty tree ornaments available to help make this Christmas one to remember. There is something to make everyone smile this Christmas at Hallmark.

I like to get people Christmas presents that mean something, something unique, something personalised or something I know that person will love. I found all three of those qualities in the Hallmark Christmas gift range.


Story time has always been an important time in our house but even more so now Maxx is learning to read, so when an interactive book arrived for us to review I was really looking forward to seeing how it worked and what Maxx thought of it. We received the ‘A Day at Fairy Grandmother’s’ interactive story book from Hallmark.

The first thing I did when we were preparing to read the book was to turn it on, the on/off button is located at the top of the book. Upon pressing this for the first time we were told a little bit about how the book works and what we had to do. There is a tab on the back of the book which should be removed, this will then turn the book from demo to on.

The book has certain sentences which are red in colour, these sentences are the trigger sentences that make the book work. When these sentences are read aloud it will trigger a response from the book, that response will depend on what page you are on but you might have a question to answer or a choice to make. If a question is asked, the child will answer that question and the book will then respond to the answer to make it seem like they are having a conversation with the character in the book. Each book has 30 possibilities so each time you read the story it can change. I love the fact that depending on how we interact with the story it can change, this means Maxx is enjoying reading it time and time again and not getting bored.

The sound is clear and loud enough to hear, it really helps bring the book to life. The book illustrations are great, they are colourful and Maxx loved pointing things out in the book especially the dragon.

There are two books in the interactive range, ‘All Aboard’ priced at £9.99 and ‘A Day at Fairy Grandmother’s’ priced at £14.99.

Overall we are very impressed with the book Maxx is really enjoying interacting when the book is being read and it’s making story time fun and enjoyable for him. I believe books like this will help his love of books grow which can only be a good thing. The books would make a great stocking filler or present for little ones who enjoy reading. The books really helps make story time exciting and fun.

hallmarkteddyThe second item we received from the Hallmark range to review was the ‘Until We Hug Again Bear’, I adore the idea behind this bear and think it would make a magical gift this Christmas. If you have family members who works away from home or relatives who live far away this bear would be the perfect gift from them to the little person in their life.

The cute and cuddly bear can store a message up to 30 seconds long, the messages are then played back with every hug! Such a touching and lovely gift that I think would be treasured forever.

I was impressed with the bear, the recording is clear, the length of recording is great and you can lock your message so it doesn’t accidentally get deleted. Something which is highly possible when giving the teddy to a young child especially if that child is called Maxx! 

The Until We Hug Again bear includes 3xAA batteries and is priced at £14.99 which I think is fantastic value for a gift that will make little ones smile with each hug and give them comfort and security.


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