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Aldi is well known for delicious food, but did you know they also regularly have Specialbuy items available?

Specialbuy items are usually a range of themed products such as summer essentials, a selection of power tools and of course Halloween items. If you haven’t been to pick up some items from this years Halloween Specialbuys then I would highly recommend making a trip before they sell out, because there’s a phenomenal range of items available this year.

I have to say I was blown away by how many items Aldi have on offer for Halloween. There’s everything from costumes and spooky t-shirts, partyware, sweets, to decorations and props. There really is a huge amount to choose from, and of course the items are available at Aldi’s always low prices.



Animated Props

I have to talk about the range of animated props first – WOW! I was amazed at the range of animated Halloween goodies Aldi has tn offer, more so than a lot of other shops I have visited this year.  There are door knockers, dancing skeletons, squawking crows and much, much more.

My favourite item from the range of animated products has to be the animated crow. It’s eyes glow red, it squawks and flaps its wing when you press the button on the base, or when you make a loud noise. It looks great and definitely gives everyone a fright when it goes off. At £8.99 I think it’s a bargain, and it’s an item that will be making an appearance year after year at my Halloween party.

Another firm favour is the Skull Door Knocker (£7.99). Unsuspecting visitors who use the door knocker will be in for a fright when he comes to life and shouts at them. A must have for the front door to give any trick-or-treaters a scare.

My nephew was visiting when the Halloween items arrived and he absolutely loved the two animated skeletons. The Twisting Skeleton (£8.99) dances to music when you press his foot, he’s great fun and would make a great addition to any Halloween party. Now my nephew’s favourite skeleton was the Walker Skeleton (£7.99), in fact I have promised to give it to him when he next visits. This spooky, but cute skeleton plays music and walks along to the tune, he’s a lot of fun and it’s easy to see why my young nephew loves him so much.

Other animated items that deserve a mention include the Animated Prisoner In A Cage (£8.99), he screams and shakes the cage when he senses motion so is perfect for scaring trick-or-treaters or party guests. If you like music and a bit of fun then you will love the Animated Banjo Skeleton (£8.99), he plays his banjo when he senses any movement.




This year there is also a great range of Halloween decorations available. You can buy everything to make your house or party look spooktacular, from bunting and wall plaques, down to spiders webs and spooky lights. I received a selection of decorations that are available, this included a lovely tinsel pumpkin wreath (£2.99), trick or treat wall canvas (£2.99), spooky bunting (£2.99) – because what’s a party without bunting. And my favourite – a cute cat themed wall plaque (£2.99). The decorations are all very well made, look great, and are really reasonably priced. If the decorations are packed away carefully they can be used year after year. They are definitely value for money.




Aldi has a small selection of costumes available this year, and also some Halloween themed t-shirts – which I love. Ladies can choose from a witch costume, skeleton dress, vampire costume or one of three fantastic Halloween t-shirts (£5.99). Unfortunately there’s only one choice for men, which is a creepy, but cool Dracula costume. Then for children there’s a good range available, witches, skeletons, Dracula, pumpkin and a mummy. There are also girls and boys Halloween t-shirts available for just £2.49 each. Adult costumes are priced at £7.99 each and children’s are available for £3.99 each.

If you don’t want a full costume then there are a lot of spooky headbands and glasses available for just £1.79 each. You could even pick up a Halloween Face Paints kit (£3.99). The kit includes everything you need to make a whole host of spooky Halloween monsters, there’s even an inspiration sheet to help you out with some ideas.



If you want to host a Halloween party that doesn’t break the bank then your local Aldi should be top of your list. Aldi has a range of Halloween partyware available that’s truly frightening, but I’m not talking about the price! You can pick up 12 Spooky Plates (£0.89), 12 Party Cups (£0.89), Spooky tablecloth (£0.89), 12 Loot/party bags (£0.89), 12 party bowls (£0.89) and 12 pack napkins (£0.89). The partyware range is available in a selection of different designs, so there should be something for everyone. And, if you want to add that extra-spooky touch there are Halloween Eyeball Ice Cubes (£2.99 for 6), a Spider Dip Plate (£6.99) or some creepy Spider Nibble Bowls (£6.99 for 3).

That’s quite a list of great Halloween items I think you’d agree. That’s what I find so great about Aldi and their Specialbuys, there’s always a good range of products available and the prices are always reasonable. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, taking your little one trick-or-treating, or just want to bring Halloween indoors, then head down to your local Aldi and pick up some spooky goodies this Halloween. You won’t be disappointed.

I can’t wait to see what Halloween 2017 has in store, I’m expecting great things!

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