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Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I love the decorations, the fun, the costumes, the scary movies, everything about it really. And each year I buy a few more Halloween items to add to my collection, because you can never have too many Halloween decorations and props, right?!

One of the first places I visit on my hunt for Halloween goodies is Wilko. If you’re Halloween mad, like me, then you will probably already know that Wilko is one of the first places to visit for anything Halloween related. Costumes, decorations, party goodies and even sweets to give out to the trick-or-treaters.

This year I was really excited to head down to Wilko and see what spooktacular items they had in store for Halloween 2016, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were a few of the same items from last year (which is great if you missed out then), there were also a lot of new items available and some really great products I hadn’t seen before.

One of the first items I picked up when I visited was two copper terracotta pumpkin tea light holders. They’re really cute and look great on my window ledge. At only £2 each they are a bargain, and aren’t made of plastic like many other similar products, they add a touch of glamour to any Halloween display and are made to last. They are also available in silver and natural terracotta, you can even buy the bigger versions for £5 each.

As well as the items I bought on my many visits to Wilko – I lost count,  I also received some Halloween goodies to review. I was really excited waiting for them to arrive as I didn’t know what was being sent. When the box arrived, I opened it and was met with a whole host of creepy goodies, ranging from giant spider (and I mean giant), to decorations and some very spooky drinking jars.


My favourite items out of the products I was sent have to be the themed drinking jars. The drinking jars are available in two designs, pumpkin and skull. The jars each come with a black and orange striped straw and a screw top, I chose not to use the screw tops and to instead use the cute ghost straws (also from Wilko). They look great either way – especially when full. If you’re looking for some wow factor cups then I would highly recommend these jars. Incredibly, they are only £1 each, and the fact they can be used year after year makes them a must buy! I will be picking up another two of each when I next visit Wilko.


Another favourite of mine is the Gigantic Hairy Spider. It’s an incredible 50 inches and looks amazing when it’s hung up ready to pounce. I hung mine over the top of the door people will have to walk through, I have another one from last year which is brown and I have hung that on the wall with a lot of spider webs. They really are a great addition to any Halloween collection, and at only £5 they are affordable too. They are really well made and the one I bought last year is still looking as good as new.


Every good Halloween collection needs some themed lights and these cute ghost lights are perfect. The lights are really well made (not plastic), they are 2 metres long and are priced at just £4 – this includes batteries which I thought was great. They look fantastic when they’re lit up at night and are perfect for hanging up at the window or around a table.


The items in the photo above are all perfect for a Halloween party. There’s mystery confetti, cobwebs with spiders, creepy cloth, straws, bloody hand prints and pumpkin window decorations. Each item is available for £1 each which is a great price as the quality of the products I have bought have always been fantastic. You could easily throw an amazing Halloween party on a budget.

As well as the products I mentioned above, there’s a whole host of other products available to help you celebrate Halloween in style. You can buy decorations and props from as little as 10p, and whether you’re looking for party tableware, props, decorations, costumes or sweets you’ll find something you love at Wilko.

There are a few items I’m contemplating buying before they sell out or aren’t available any more, although I could already open a Halloween shop with all of the items I have, I really don’t want to miss out on the items. The first item is the Pumpkin Drinks Dispenser – it looks amazing. It’s shaped like a pumpkin, is clear so you can see the colour of the drink and is priced at £15. I think it would be an amazing centrepiece for a drinks table at a party. The other item is the Big Mouth Drop Down Spider. This item looks like a lot of fun, and perfect for putting sweets in to trick any little ghosts and ghouls who might visit on Halloween. The ghoulish item looks spooky but fun, and when trick-or-treaters reach their hand inside the mouth to pick a sweet a spider drops down giving them a fright. I saw it in-store and it looks great, it really does make you jump too. It’s priced at £15 which I think is reasonable for what it is and I’m sure it would last a good few years too.

Have you picked up any Halloween goodies from Wilko this year?

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