The city of London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Especially when it comes to fashion, food and luxury living. So we have decided to handpick some of the very best London has to offer, from the well known to the little secret areas you may not know of, so let’s take a look.

First up you can’t go to London without visiting Harrods.  One of the landmark shops in the city, Harrods is always full of the rich, famous and an abundance of VIP security. It is probably one of the safest places to be in the city! It is almost certainly one of the most luxury places to be.  When you think about Harrods, you probably imagine we are going to suggest heading up to the restaurant for a little champagne afternoon tea, well you are wrong. Our little-known secret is the cigar club. Before you all cringe at the thought of smoking, you don’t have to partake. Cigar clubs all around London had a little issue when the smoking ban came into force. As it is now illegal to smoke indoors, most organizations would become pointless. Thankfully there was a little twist in the rule, providing they allows samples of cigars they can let people smoke indoors. The catch? That means they have to allow anyone access; this means that super restricted members areas such as the hidden room in The Ritz, have to allow the general public to enjoy their services. Most places keep this quiet, so we thought we would let you know. Here are a few other secret cigar rooms to try; Ritz club, behind the secret mirror.  Alfred’s, Mayfair and Sautter on Bond Street.

The Leica store may not sound particularly exclusive, but this shop is spread out across two sides of the street just by Berkeley Square.  On one side is the most lovely store selling, arguably, the greatest cameras in the world, the other store is a private coffee shop and gallery where you can enjoy, for free, an espresso while looking at very exclusive prints. It is a good secret to know if you are looking for a quick meeting point in town.

Heading up from Berkeley Square, towards Bond Street you will come across some gorgeous shops, one of these is Marcus Watches. Marcus is a high-end watch shop selling Hublot, Audemars Piguet, and MB&F. However, this is more than a shop it is like a museum.  Head up to the 4th floor to see Marcus’ secret wine vault and his collection of incredible timepieces.  The store manager, Liam is also the man in the know when it comes to great places to eat, shop and sleep in London. So ask him for advice, and he will steer you to your new favorite haunts.

London is full of stunning places; you just need to get out and stick your nose into places that look a little mysterious.

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