Has health & safety gone mad

Has health and safety gone mad? Are we living in a nanny state?

You might think so if you read some of the crazy health and safety laws that are in place, everything from bans on kite flying to bans on moving a chair across the office to avoid injury.

We all know health and safety is important and sometime it’s necessary to keep us safe. In the workplace there’s health and safety training, from food safety, to working with heights. If you need health & safety training for your job you can take NEBOSH Training Courses through SHEilds, they provide world leading training courses. The training courses and certificates you get on completion can help you advance in your career and look good on your CV. However, in some instances health & safety seems to have gone overboard. I’m not saying health and safety isn’t important or necessary, it is. But, in some instances it has gone too far. Just look at the crazy health & safety rules below.

Mortarboard celebration – Banned

Graduating university is a huge occasion, one that should be celebrated and has many traditions associated with it, one being the throwing of the mortarboards. However, this age old tradition might become a thing of the past thanks to overzealous health and safety laws which have deemed the tradition a potential danger. It has been expressed that the mortarboards can simply be photo-shopped in, not quite the same though, is it?

Conker fights – Banned

Ah, the age old game of conkers that most of us will remember from our childhood. Well, it’s now deemed too dangerous for children to play. Many schools have banned games of conkers in case children are hurt or have made children wear safety goggles whilst playing. Health and safety gone mad? You decide…

Bumping in bumper cars – Banned

Let’s not beat around the bush here. When we get on the dodgems or bumper cars we expect to be bumping into other people, that’s half the fun, right? Well Butlins didn’t think so, and in 2011 they banned bumping into each other when driving the bumper cars.

Kite flying – Banned

Kite flying banned in case someone is hit with a falling kite, yes really! An award winning beach banned people from flying kites – an age old tradition at beaches in case a falling kite hits someone. There’s even the potential of a £500 fine if you’re caught flying a kite when prohibited. The bylaw came into force due to the increased use of kite buggies at the beach, even though no accidents had ever been reported.

What’s the funniest/craziest health & safety rule you have heard?

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