Have an Eggcellent Easter with Sainsbury’s


If you’re looking for somewhere that has all of the Easter goodies under one roof a trip to your local Sainsbury’s is in store. They have a lovely selection of Easter themed products from Egg cups to bunny rabbit ears and lots of fun Easter themed craft packs great for keeping little ones entertained over the Easter holidays.

We are planning a little Easter party and egg hunt in the garden for Maxx and the items are perfect for creating just that.


These cute Easter signs are great for brightening up the garden and bringing a little Easter fun to your home, If you don’t have a garden you could put them in a plant pot. They are really colourful and fun and of course how else would the Easter bunny know where to find us if we didn’t put up a sign.


Now that we’ve brought a bit of Easter to the garden it’s time to bring Easter indoors too. I love having themed items in the house for Easter, it makes it that little bit more exciting for Maxx. The bunny and chick ornaments above are great for bringing Easter into the house without taking up much space.


Easter isn’t complete without bunny ears! Sainsbury’s has a very cute semi poseable pair of bunny ears on offer for Easter. The ears look really sweet and were a huge hit with Maxx. There is also an Easter bonnet available which is perfect for using for a school project or for dressing up.


I love these cute kitchenware items, the cup comes complete with a cuddly chick which Maxx adopted straight away. Not that I’m surprised, it is very cute and fluffy. I also think the egg cup and cosy is really sweet, it would make a nice Easter gift and is a great alternative to Easter eggs you could maybe even put a small chocolate egg in the egg holder. That’s sure to please everyone!


Maxx fell in love with the very cute and surprisingly not annoying boogie bunny which sings Everybody Dance Now with some Easter rapping thrown in the middle. It’s really cute and entertaining, Maxx hasn’t stopped making it dance since it arrived and thankfully it’s not actually annoying but it does have an on/off switch just in case!


Easter means Easter Holidays which means lots of children who are bored after 2 days of being off school, my nephew Maxx is no exception. If you want to avoid the ‘I’m bored’ call then pick up some of the fantastic Sainsbury’s Easter craft kits whilst you’re doing your shop. They are guaranteed to keep little ones busy and there are a lot of different kits available so something to suit everyone. There are large packs where kids can spend the afternoon getting stuck in to some fun crafts or there are small craft kits that take 10-20 minutes to complete but are perfect for breaking up the day and creating a bit of Easter excitement. The Happy Easter sign was the first craft item we made, it was very easy to make but it kept Maxx and I busy for around 20 minutes, it looks great and will be perfect for hanging on the wall for our little Easter party and outside for the egg hunt. We also used one of the smaller craft kits with was a make your own key ring pack, I was really impressed with this as it was very easy to do. All of the items needed to create the key ring were self adhesive so Maxx simply peeled off the packing and placed the foam in the right place, I then put the key chain on and he had a really cute Easter themed key ring.

So whether you’re looking for a specific Easter item or you’re looking to buy all your Easter essentials in one place take a look at Sainsbury’s. The quality of the items is really good, there is a wide range of items available and the items offer great value for money.

Happy Easter!



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