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Hello and Welcome – An Introduction To Lindy Loves

**UPDATE** A lot has changed in the years since I started blogging and wrote this introduction to Lindy Loves, please head over to the About Me page if you would like to learn more about me and my blog.

Hello everyone and a big welcome to my shiny new blog!

My name is Lindy; I’m 25 and a daughter, sister and aunty. I spend a lot of my time baking, blogging and comping.

I live with my sister Ashley and my nephew Maxx 3. Our house is usually full of noise whether it is the music playing and maxx dancing away in the living room screams because we’re playing a game or just general chit chat it’s never quiet and there’s never a dull moment and that’s why I love it.

I love gadgets and am a bit of a geek when it comes to new technology, I love to know what it is and how it works, and I fear being left behind lol. A lot of our household gadgets had been won in competitions and I am very lucky to have them.

My favourite hobby is comping! I started comping around 2 years ago and have been so lucky to win many amazing prizes. I have won an ipad, toys, a coffee machine, jewellery, and cash and more recently I won a holiday for 2 to Prague with spending money! You might find some of my competition entries on my blog take a look and enter yourself; you never know lady luck might be shining on you :)!

I have also recently been introduced to couponing and find it amazing that you are able to save so much money looking around for coupons and codes for money off. The next time you are about to buy something online, stop and do a quick Google search to see if the website your buying from has any available codes. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and we can all do with saving as much money as possible right now.

My aim this year is to write a children’s storybook, something I have wanted to do for a while but haven’t got round to doing. Maxx loves stories and asks me to make them up a lot so when I do finally put pen to paper I’ll have a fab little helper who will be able to tell me if my story is good. He’s very opinionated!

I hope this introduction to Lindy Loves has given you a little insight into what it’s all about and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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