Helping with the sensitive issue of retirement

Retirement used to be the time of life that most people dreaded but the fact that older people are encouraged to lead active and independent lives has changed this perception.

Downsizing in retirement 

One of the first issues to face is that retirement often leads to a change in lifestyle. The large family home may well be inconvenient and if your health fails you may have to look at the possibility of moving to a specially built retirement development. Forget lots of bored people sitting in high backed chairs gazing at the TV; contemporary retirement communities are all about activity, independence and promoting a zest for life.

Surf your retirement options 

Over 65s who have engaged with the internet are often known as silver surfers and many go online in order to share their views and interests. If you take a look at the McCarthy and Stone Twitter page you’ll start to understand why the retirement flats sold by this company are so popular.

Many people value access to a community, while still retaining their privacy and individuality, which is what these flats can offer. Engagement with the broader population is always encouraged and this company Twitter account imparts some pearls of wisdom from some of their homeowners. Retirement need not be seen as a sensitive issue when so many people are online talking about how enriching this time of life can be.

Examples for a happy retirement 

Age UK and other charities all promote the importance of a good social life and the value of exercise among the retired. If you are talking about retirement in your family, or you will be in the near future, bear in mind the wealth of activities that take place within a retirement development and you’ll understand why community living among over 65 year olds is so popular.

Benefits of retirement developments  

The May launch of the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) highlighted the fact that anyone moving to this type of owner occupier accommodation has a better chance of keeping out of hospital than if they had remained on their own within the former family home.

ARCO said: “Retirement community residents get to live, interact and socialise with like-minded people and potentially access a vast array of activities, be it swimming, book clubs, cards or golf.”

Retirement shouldn’t be a sensitive issue; the main thing is to embrace this time of life and realise that there is plenty to look forward to. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed there are “800,000 people in England who are chronically lonely” and tackling this in old age means looking for ways to build a happy retirement with focus on social interaction and community involvement.

Perhaps, life really begins at 65.

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