If travelling the UK is on your bucket list, you should definitely plan to visit the Midlands.

Located in-between the wide expanse of the domineering north and south of England, the Black Country is often overlooked when people speak about England. It is said to be suffering from an image problem.

The Black Country has played a major role in world history and is home to several world-renowned heroes from one of the greatest scientists, Sir Isaac Newton to the legendary poet, William Shakespeare, and Sir Frank Whittle who invented the turbojet engine.

It is endowed with many exciting natural and manmade features to give you an unforgettable experience.

From large houses and castles such as the Tutbury Castle, to adventure sports and music arenas, there are enough exciting activities to keep you occupied during your time in the Midlands.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about accommodation since there are modern Coventry hotels to stay in, and there are several shopping malls around too.

Exploring Nature at West Midlands Safari Park

Are you ready for a safari-themed experience? The WMSP is the place to be.

You can get up close with nature and enjoy the company of other tourists on 14 passenger minibus tours with warm drivers who enjoy sharing wonderful tales.

You will also get to see the tallest animals like giraffes, and strong ones like the hippos. You will be able to watch animal demonstrations.

It promises to be an extremely fun day out with family and friends, and is quite affordable too. You can enjoy a free return visit to cover your next adventure at the park.

Ace Karting for All Age Groups

If you love adrenaline pumping activities, or you have kids who love the thrill and adventure, you absolutely have to experience the exhilarating go-karting in the Midlands.

These indoor sports are so absorbing that you could spend the whole day watching or partaking in them.

Another extra bonus is that it is accessible to all, regardless of age and gender. There will be safety guides around to ensure your security throughout your visit.

Hill climbing in Birmingham

You certainly have to try this out.

Like really, what beats the calm and tranquillity of forest life?

This is not just a boring, energy-draining walk up the hills, there are several enjoyable sports to play along.

From horse riding to cycling, you will not run out of options. It is also great for team bonding, especially the orienteering exercise.

When you get to the hilltops, you can take in the dazzling wonders of nature and watch the trees bend in adoration of the wind.

This will definitely take your breath away.

Amerton Farm in Staffordshire

The Amerton farm is one of the enduring heritages in England. Dating far back to the late 1700s, the farm has survived many centuries to become a popular tourist attraction in the Black Country.

You will get to enjoy a thrilling train ride on the Amerton railway leading to the farm.

On the farm, there is a shop where you can buy locally brewed wine, cheese, and cakes. It is the ultimate family take out. Your kids will enjoy an unforgettable day on the farm with various flavours of ice cream and a visit to the toy shop.

There are not many places in the world to enjoy a classic experience of life like in the Midlands, and it’s clearly the place to be on your next holiday travel.

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