Hexbug Easter Nano – Review and Competition

If you have read our Hexbug Nano Review you will know how much we love Hexbugs! We were recently given the opportunity to review the Hexbug Easter Nano which isn’t for sale in the UK yet! Of course we jumped at the chance as Maxx loves his collection of Hexbugs.
So what is a Hexbug Nano?
A Hexbug Nano is a robotic bug that acts like a real bug! They have 12 tiny legs that allow it to scurry along the floor and if it happens to fall over it can right itself again! If it comes into contact with an object it will change direction without any prompting, they really are incredible little things that are fascinating to watch.
Maxx loves nothing more than letting his Hexbugs run riot in the kitchen and watching them dart off in all different directions, the cat loves them too. Maxx has recently asked for a Hexbug habitat to let his Hexbugs run around in which is a good idea as I’ve had to rescue them from under the fridge on more than one occasion!
The Hexbug Easter Nano comes enclosed in an egg and has a very cute pair of removable bunny rabbit ears, I contemplated keeping it and not telling Maxx, it’s so cute. The Easter Nano is available in a variety of different colours suitable for boys and girls. The Hexbug Easter Nano will make the perfect Easter gift and would certainly make a change from the traditional gift of chocolate. The great thing about the Hexbug Easter Nano is it comes with a battery so is ready to play with straight away. You can register your Easter Hexbug Nano at where you can keep track of your Hexbug collection, play games and learn about real science.
We love the Hexbug Easter Nano and can’t wait until they are on sale in the UK. Maxx has asked for a blue on so we will be getting a blue one to add to his ever growing collection.
Now for some exciting news!!
We have very kindly been offered a second Hexbug Easter Nano to give away to one very lucky follow!
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