Hipp Organic Little Nibbles bars

We received 3 Peach and Apple and 3 Plum and Apple flavoured bars to try. The first bar Maxx tried was the Plum and Apple. When I opened the wrapper I was surprised by the look of it, I expected it to have cereal pieces in it and be a brown colour with bits of fruit however the bar was smooth in consistency and purple in colour. When I gave it to Maxx he put it in his mouth and tooth a large bit of it, after he had finished eating that piece he said he didn’t like it and handed it back to me. I tasted it and the texture was good the fruit was quite sour and I thought this may be the reason Maxx said he didn’t like it.
He later tried the Peach and Apple bar, again the consistency was smooth and the bar was orange in colour. Maxx took a bite and again said he didn’t like it and he refused to try any more. It can take children many times of trying something before they know if they like it or not so a few days later I gave Maxx a bit of each flavour and to my surprise he ate it happily and said it was yummy, he even asked for more.
The cereal bars are for age 12months +
They are free from GM ingredients and preservatives.
They contain 50% organic fruit and 4 different organic cereals.
They are available to buy from HiPP Organic shop and  Sainsbury’s and are priced at £3.30 for a pack of 6.
*This is a review from my old blog which I have transferred over 🙂

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