We’re in January, it’s cold, it’s wet, and most of us are daydreaming about this year’s holidays we have booked, or are yet to book. So far, I have two holidays booked, with another two (maybe three) in the pipeline. I want to try a few different types of holidays this year. Of course, a relaxing beach holiday is nice, but I also want to have a few holidays where I’m active, exploring and experiencing something new.

The first holiday of the year is a trip to Disneyland Paris and I’m so excited about this. The last time I was at Disneyland was with college and I don’t remember that much about it, it was over 10 years ago after all. This trip is mainly for my nephew Maxx, he has talked about Disneyland for the last 6 months and doesn’t know we’re going! I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out we’re off to see the magic that is Disneyland, he’s going to love it. It seems like we have waited for the trip to come around for ages already because we’ve had the hotel booked since the 1st of November, I’ve also nearly let slip a few times so really have to watch what I’m saying, and there’s still a few months to go – eek. I have been doing a lot of research to make the best out of our time there and have found a lot of posts with top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris invaluable.

The second holiday is a long weekend to Trecco Bay in Wales. This one was through the Sun Holidays and was a real bargain. Maxx finishes school at 1:30pm on Friday’s and the site is only an hour and a half away so we will leave from his school and check in at around 4. The beach is 2 steps outside the park, it has a great swimming pool with slides, mini golf, adventure wall, clubs and so much more. I loved going on UK holidays growing up and haven’t been to a holiday park since then. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to enjoy a relaxing weekend, I just hope the weather is good to us!

I’m still trying to decide what type of holiday to enjoy during Summer. I want to do something active, a skiing holiday would be amazing, I love horse riding so would love to go on a horse riding holiday, but I would need a few refresher lessons first and I wouldn’t rule out a walking or cycling holiday either. There’s also the option of a group holiday which would be a lot of fun.

If you haven’t booked your holiday yet and you’re stuck for ideas then here are some types of holiday’s I have been considering;

Beach holiday, skiing holiday, music festival holiday, sports holiday (going to see my favourite sports players), rugby club tourssafari (dream trip), walking/cycling holiday, extreme sports holiday, horse riding holiday, camping holiday or UK caravan holiday. Those are just a few of the ideas I have written down for my next holiday, I’m really not sure which to pick so I might just shut my eyes and point!

Have you got any holidays booked for 2017?

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