Holiday Transportation: Planes, Trains and Ships

When you hot foot it to your dream destination, there are probably a number of transportation options that you can consider. You might fancy taking a long haul flight to Costa Rica, a train across the English channel or a ferry to the Isle of Wight. Each of these transportation options have their pros and cons, with some being more financially viable than others. When you arrive at your holiday destination, you may have even more transport choices depending on the sorts of excursions that you fancy. Take a look at why you might partake in a spot of aeroplane, ship or train travel on your annual vacation.


Many people assume that ferries and cruise ships are for the more discerning traveller of a certain age bracket. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want a holiday that encapsulates a range of destinations, cultures and cuisines, a jaunt overseas with Bolsover Cruise Club and a P&O ferry could be just what you’re looking for. If you want your holiday to be organised for you complete with a detailed itinerary that hits all of the tourist hotspots, setting sail is a great idea. You could head to Europe and hit Rome, Mallorca, Malaga and Lisbon. This multi stop tour allows you to experience pizza overlooking the Colosseum, the Mona Lisa of the Louvre and the beaches of a Balearic. Perfect for families, all of your meals are paid for and you could have the best view of the ocean from your luxury cabin.


For some destinations, you have to go by plane, unless you’re feeling super organised and have six months or more to make it overland. If you want to head to the United States or the Far East, you have to fly. When in countries like China, internal flights are commonplace. Because the land mass is so vast, plane tickets are like train tickets and are just as frequent. Odd to us, but quite normal for the Chinese. Some airlines are better than others. If you are heading away on a long haul flight it may be best to fork out a little more to ensure your comfort. For shorter trips, a budget airline may suffice.


When you have reached your destination, you might be tempted to sample the delights of rail travel. Head to Japan and you could enjoy the bullet trains, with their futuristic shape, ample comfort and excellent dining options. One of the most exciting things about Japanese rail travel is the selection of bento boxes you could enjoy whilst seeing Mount Fuji out of your window. As you traverse the Japanese countryside, sushi, tempura prawns and panko crusted pork chops could be the perfect meal accompaniment.

When travelling abroad, don’t just stick to a resort. Have a go at sampling the delights of regional transport. Here you will see the real face of a destination, meet the locals, get off the beaten track and get so much more out of your trip.

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