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Home Bargains Christmas Selection

Most of us throw ourselves into Christmas, getting the tree up and decorated, buying presents in preparation for the big day and then choosing what food to enjoy over the festive period. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be an expensive time! That’s why I tend to shop savvy at Christmas. I shop in the sales for the following Christmas, I hunt around for bargains and discount codes when shopping online and I will head to shops such as Home Bargains where they have a great range of products at reasonable prices.

If you’re a seasoned Home Bargains shopper I’m sure you have already been in store or online to browse through the Christmas selection. If like me you don’t have a store locally it’s worth making the trip to your nearest store to grab some Christmas bargains. However, if taking a trip to a store isn’t possible the good news is you can still shop online and pick up some bargains from the comfort of your own home, which is always nice! Plus, there’s free delivery if you spend over £50. I was recently sent a selection of items from the Home Bargains Christmas range to review, you can find out what I thought about the products below.

Home Bargains Christmas Range

Decorative Christmas Items

Who doesn’t love decorating their home for Christmas… I love decorating the house, putting baubles on the tree, hanging fairy lights and making the house look cosy and Christmassy. Each year I add a few new things to my Christmas collection and this thanks to Home Bargains I had added a few lovely items.

Tree Decorations

The first item that caught my eye from the products I was sent was the large box of baubles priced at £2.99. The colours are gorgeous, they are silver, gold and a gorgeous champagne gold, they go perfectly with the colour theme I have chosen this year. The baubles are ready to hang out of the box and look lovely on the tree. I like the fact there’s a selection of different designs in the box. There was also a smaller box of baubles priced at £1.49 which would be perfect for a small Christmas tree or filling spaces in a bigger tree. The box contains 26 small baubles in different colours and designs, this set includes string to hang the baubles. The last Christmas tree themed item was a very cute plush snowman decoration priced at just 99p. I think this item is really cute and adds a lot of character to the tree. Of course you could choose to hang it somewhere else but I think it looks great as a tree decoration.

Reindeer Chalk Board & Stocking

You might have noticed the two cute reindeer items in the first picture. These items are aimed at the younger shoppers and are really sweet. The first item is a Reindeer chalk board priced at £1.49. The chalk board is really cute and perfect for Children who enjoy counting down the days until Santa arrives. I love the colourful design and the fact it has a small cloth attached to help clean the board each day is really helpful. It also comes with the chalk so you have everything you need to count down the days. The second reindeer item is the cute reindeer stocking priced at just £1.99. This cute stocking would be perfect for any Christmas fan big or small. The stocking is colourful and has a velcro fastening which lets you keep things safely hidden inside. It’s the perfect size for hanging on the side of a bed or more traditionally the fireplace.

Shabby  Chic Christmas Bunting

If you’re a fan of shabby chic or Christmas then this bunting has your name all over it. Okay, not literally as it actually says Christmas but you get the idea! This is one of my favourite items from the selection. It looks fantastic when it’s hung on the wall and as the colours are Christmassy it should fit into any colour theme nicely. It’s priced at just £1.59 which is great value for money as it’s such a lovely item.


Christmas Lights

If you want to add some light to your Christmas display why not try some battery operated fairy lights. Christmas and fairy lights go hand in hand. The twinkling of lights just gives that magical festive feel. If you’re looking for a selection of Christmas themed lights then why not visit your local Home Bargains, they have a great selection of festive lights available. The string lights are priced at £1.99 per set.

Felt Napkin Rings

Also in the items I received was a set of 4 red heart shaped napkin rings which would be perfect for that special Christmas day dinner. The napkin rings are heart shaped with a simple cut out design which would look great again white napkins. They are priced at 99p for a pack of four.

Home Bargains Gift Ideas

Gift Selection

Although I have only previewed a small selection of gift ideas from Home Bargains, I have loved what I’ve seen so far. The gorgeous Santa Mug (£1.49) pictured above is just adorable, I love the way Santa has been portrayed. He looks so jolly and festive and the marshmallows on top make him even more appealing than normal! This is a really cute item and one that could be given as a pre-Christmas gift to enjoy the run up to the big day or perhaps as a stocking filler item. It’s a great size, perfect for your favourite hot drink to keep you warm during the colder months.

The second item from the gift selection range I was sent was the Ear Muffs with built in speakers (£4.99). I really liked this gift idea, they look really stylish and are perfect for people who love listening to music on the go. If the two items I was sent is anything to go by I am really impressed. The items look and feel well made and are so reasonably priced.

Final Thoughts

Overall Home Bargains have got a superb range of Christmas items available this year at great prices. The above is just a very small selection of what is available. I can’t believe how reasonably priced the items are, especially the box of 20 baubles for £2.99 when you get similar boxes which will set you back £10 and the Ear Muffs with built in speakers are superb for just £4.99, I expected them to be priced around £14.99 as I have seen similar items priced at that.  I am hoping to make a trip to my nearest Home bargains in the next week to pick up some Christmassy bits. I love the LED Santa Please Stop here sign and am hoping to pick that up to give to my nephew. At £4.99 I think it’s a bargain, it looks colourful, bright and can be used year after year. 

Have you bought any Christmas items from Home Bargains this year?

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