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Home Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Home


Is your home looking drab? Then it’s time you incorporated new décor ideas to brighten it up and bring new life to your surroundings. Here are some great ideas to consider to help you give your home a much-needed face lift. 

  1. Change the color of your furniture. If most of your pieces are on the dark side of the color palette, then naturally, your home will look dark. Changing your furniture pieces should go a long way in instantly brightening an area. You can choose light-coloured furniture such as those with white, off-white, cream, light gray hues. Online shops like Mohd can help you to find furniture pieces that are modern, affordable, catching and practical.  If changing your furniture is too heavy on the pockets, then you can just opt to change the ones that tend to dominate the room. 
  2. Give your walls a new colour. If you are not inclined to buying a new set of furniture, changing the colour of your walls to lighter shades will instantly do the trick. Dark-coloured furniture will look great against white or neutral walls. 
  3. Check your curtains. Curtains are useful in providing privacy to your home but when you keep them closed the whole day will block all the natural light. During the day, draw them open so you take advantage of the sunlight. If you prefer them down, it might be a good idea to invest in sheer, white curtains. In that way, you have both your privacy and free light of the day. 
  4. Invest in a good lighting system. If your home lighting is casting a gloomy ambience around your home, you need to get ones that will perk up your home. When night falls and you need to turn on your lights, your home should have a kind of lighting that makes it look bright but easy on the eyes. Or sometimes, all you need to do is change your bulbs. There are a lot of options such as energy-saving incandescent and LED bulbs. 
  5. Avoid clutter. A lot of times, homeowners tend to pile up furniture and bric-a-brac in one room which can create clutter and disarray. Let go of things you don’t need. Free your home of useless objects. When there is more free space, you will notice that your home will feel more open and brighter. 
  6. Mind the accessories. Placing mirrors strategically around your home will help in keeping it bright as they reflect light. You can also place throw pillows that have brighter or pastel colours to off-set dark furniture. Place fresh flowers on your mantle or on tables to give it a cool look. Plants in bright vases around the home will also add a touch of colour and new life to your surroundings. 

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