When you decide to decorate a room or even your entire house, it can be so much fun. You get to play around with colours, create a space that you love and, of course, get to shop! But, sometimes, you can hit a roadblock.

Even if you have the biggest budget imaginable, or help from friends, family or decorators, you can come across home furnishing hassles that are a nightmare to get over. From things not looking right to not even physically fitting the space they’re intended for, it can be chaotic. But, not the end of the world. They can be easy to get over, by only when you know how.

A Lack Of Inspiration

Being blocked creatively is one of life’s biggest frustrations. You might be ready to go, but all out of fresh ideas. When this happens, you need to search for some home decor inspiration and fast. Places like Pinterest and design magazines are always a great place to start. You can always get a designer if you have no idea what you want, and they can make suggestions for you.

Too Much or Too Little

Sometimes, you can never figure out when enough is enough. If you’re a fan of minimalism, it can especially tricky. You want to keep clean lines and an overall fresh finish, but you still want to add warmth and atmosphere. If you’re really not sure if you’ve gone with too much or too little, the chances are, you probably have. If in doubt, go with your gut. Take things away or add them until you finally feel like it works.

Practical or Perfect

It’s always a design disaster when you have children. You love them and everything, but you’re not so sure that you should plan your decor around them. But then, if you don’t, everything could be ruined. Little sticky hands have a habit of getting into the places that you don’t want them too. Instead, compromise. Keep your communal areas kid friendly and save all of the little pretties for places like your bedroom or master bathroom.

Fitting It In

And there’s that huge mess-up that can happen with measurements. Okay, so you’re not that great with numbers, but you pretty sure you measured everything right. You’re not that incapable. But, for some reason, something doesn’t fit. When it comes to furniture, maybe get a second opinion and rope someone in to make sure you get it right. And with curtains, if you really can’t find the right size, shape or design, get them made to measure from somewhere like montgomery curtains.

Colour Clashes

Not hiring a designer can have it’s problems. Whether you want to save a little cash or even just show yourself that you can do something creative, it can make things ten times harder and take more time. Everything from mixing the wrong prints to clashing colours, it can be hard to know how to get it right. But, by reading up on complementary colours and just using your judgement with prints, you’ll get there.

Fashion Over Function

And then there’s having to decide between fashion and function. Just like with anything you wear, it can be the same with your styling up your home. You want the furnishings, and even furniture) you pick to look good and work with the overall design, but you might need it actually to serve a purpose too. When this happens, you’re going to need to get smart with your storage. Think about the use of that set room or even piece of furniture and research ways of making it work. You might need to invest in other pieces of furniture or furnishings or even upcycle something you already own or buy used to get the overall look you want. As long as you focus on the final theme, it will guide you into making the right decisions.

Quality Control

The age old struggle between investing in quality and picking up cheap but fashionable pieces will probably never end. Especially since trends can turnaround so quickly. You want your home to fit with you current preferences and not look outdated, but not look too cheap either. It’s the same with your wardrobe! So, maybe think like you do when you shop. Will this piece be a waste of money? It works on expensive and affordable pieces. If it’s worth it, then buy it, but if not, you’re going to want to rethink it. If you’re mixing quality with affordability, more often than not, it’s going to work.

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