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Home Office Inspiration

If you have read my £50 Bedroom makeover on a budget post you will know I was originally thinking about creating a home office space, in the end, my plans changed at the last minute so I have yet to create a home office but it’s something that is very much still in the pipeline. I have a lot of offices, furniture, decoration and stationery ideas bookmarked for inspiration so I thought I would put together a post with some home office inspiration and ideas.

I love light furniture, especially if the room is dark as it brightens it up. The desk pictured above is from Ikea and looks amazing with the trestle legs, this is the type of desk I would love to have in my home office. What’s great about it is you can mix and match the table tops and legs to get a table that is as unique and exactly as you want it.

I have seen quite a few chairs I like (the quirkier the better) and at the moment it’s a pretty close call between the clear throne chair and the colourful tub style chairs. At the moment I’m leaning more towards the tub chairs as I think they look smart and you can add a pop of colour to a room by picking a colourful chair such as the one pictured above. The chairs aren’t cheap but they definitely add something special to a room, I will be trying to pick one up on offer as I love a bargain.

I always end up with lots of random bits of paper with ideas, notes or lists on them and they end up all over the house along with things I really should file away and keep safe, so a small-ish filing cabinet is something I will be looking to invest in when I create my home office space. I’m not the most organised person but I think this would definitely help, either that or it would end up filled with junk. It would look great either way!

I saw a gorgeous sheepskin rug the last time I was in Ikea and was so close to buying it, but at the time I had other priorities so I left it at the shop. I’m kicking myself now and really want to get my hands on one for my home office, not for the floor but for draping over the chair as I think it looks really nice like that.

Rather than curtains which I find can block out a lot of the light I would prefer to have a blind in my office that can be retracted during the day and used when necessary. VELUX Blinds offer a great range of blinds in many different colours and designs, there are even energy efficient blinds available which I think is incredible and something I will definitely consider when looking for a blind.

I don’t really know what type of plant I would like in my office, to be honest I’m not a keen gardener and I don’t know much about plants. I cut the grass and that’s the extent of my gardening skills but there was an interesting article recently that said having a plant in the office can increase productivity by 15% and I’m all for that!

As for decorative items, I would like to have a candle on the desk or nearby as I like the relaxing effect they have and also the lovely scents they give off. I would also like a pinboard and calendar of some sort to help me keep organised and keep things neat. I have a few different ideas to brighten up the walls but I’m not 100% sure yet on what I’m going to do, I think it might be a put it on the wall and see how it all looks together job.

Thankfully I have already painted the room so it looks bright and fresh so that’s one job off the list, now I just have to decide on the products I want and set it all up. I’m really excited about it and will let you all know how I get on and show you what it looks like when it’s finished.

Do you have a home office or are you thinking about creating one?

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