Home Plumbing Repairs You Can Attempt Yourself

Plumbing problems are a part of owning a home. They are something we all face more often than not and, unfortunately, fixing them can be expensive… that is if you opt to always call a plumber instead of trying to fix them yourself. 

Granted, not ALL plumbing issues can be fixed without calling out the professionals, but many can. Although we are sure you would never try to replace sewer pipes, install your own septic tank or fix problems with your copper piping, simple problems such as your washing machine not draining or a leaking tap can sometimes be fixed with a little DIY.  

If you are ever in doubt about whether you should be carrying out some plumbing-related DIY, it’s always best to consult the professionals. To eliminate some doubt though, here are five simple plumbing jobs you can usually do yourself without any problems. 

1: Clogged Drains 

This is the most common plumbing problem and it’s a huge waste of time and money to call out a plumber (unless it’s a very serious blockage), as they can usually be rectified quite easily.  

You should try and prevent your drains from clogging up in the first place by using sinkhole guards and watching what you put down your sink (rice, oil and small chunks of food are the biggest culprits.)  

If you’ve got a blocked drain and the debris is not too deep down the pipe, a plunger will usually do the job. Avoid using strong, harsh chemicals which you can get easily on the market, as these can cause damage to your pipes.  

2: A Leaking Tap 

Fixing these depends on the type of tap you have. If the leaking tap is something as simple as a slight drip, this can usually be fixed by replacing the washer in your tap. There are plenty of guides available online and YouTube videos which can show you how to do this.  

Before you do attempt to fix a leaking tap, though, always turn your water off! The last thing you want to do is cause a flood in your home. Water comes through the pipes at high pressure and not turning off the water before performing tap maintenance can be a complete disaster.  

Some types of tap are more complicated than others. If you are unsure about your abilities then, again, call in a plumber who will be able to (quickly) sort the drip out.  

3: Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure is another common household plumbing problem and it’s possibly one of the most irritating. If the water pressure across your entire house has gotten slower then you are looking at an issue which may require having your piping serviced. Why? Because this may indicate that sediment has built up in them and this requires a professional to rectify. 

If it is just one tap or showerhead which has low water pressure, then this is something which can usually be fixed by the homeowner. Usually, it is to do with a clogged aerator. To fix this, remove the clogged aerator from the tap and then rinse it under clean water to remove any debris. If you’re unsure about how this can be done, there are plenty of guides available on YouTube. 

Plumbing issues come with owning a home; there is no way to avoid them. Most of the time, simple plumbing issues can be fixed by the homeowner with some simple DIY. You should always consider whether you can fix a plumbing problem yourself before you call out the professionals, as this can save you serious amounts of cash! If you’re having problems with frozen pipes over winter you might need to invest in pipe insulation which can help relieve this problem and keep your pipes in good order all year round.

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