Horrid Practical Jokes by Drumond Park

Happy April Fools Day!
Maxx loves practical jokes and has done for as long as I can remember. Every time he sees joke items advertised on TV he shouts “I would like that”. He got a couple of little joke items for his Christmas (Dog poo and spilt nail varnish) as he was asking for them constantly. He played with them so much that they were broken within 2 months.
We were recently sent Horrid Practical Jokes by Drumond Park which contains everything you need to play fun practical jokes on people.
When Maxx opened the packaging that the Horrid Practical Jokes came in he was ecstatic and started bouncing around the room. He opened the box and spread all of the jokes on the table so he could have a good look at what was there.

Horrid Practical Jokes contains:

A whoopee cushion
Nail through the finger
Fake dog poo
Spilt nail varnish
Horrible teeth
A squirting ring
Two flies in ice cubes
Lots of plastic flies
Horrid Practical Jokes is a great entry into the world of practical jokes. The jokes are simple yet make for hours of fun and laughter.
Although Maxx is only 4 he is capable of understanding what a joke is and how to use the items in a jokey manner. For example I can often find two ice cubes containing flies in my glass of juice much to Maxx’s amusement. He thinks the whoopee cushion is hilarious and he loves chasing people with the horrible teeth in trying to give them a kiss!

If I had to choose which item I think is Maxx’s favourite I would say it is the dog poo he loves placing it on the floor and announcing the cat has had an accident on the floor only to roll about laughing when we come to check. I’m in no doubt that he understands the humour!

Horrid Practical Jokes is aimed at children aged 8+ however if a child understand the concept of a joke I think they will get a lot of amusement out of the the items and spend hours playing and laughing. Younger children need to be supervised at all times whilst playing with the items as some of the items are small.
Also from Drumond Park is The Box of Shocks which is more advanced than Horrid Practical Jokes and offers a wider range of items aimed at shocking audiences.  This looks fantastic and is something that I’m sure Maxx will be asking for soon.
You can follow Drumond Park at Drumond Park Twitter and Drumond Park Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and toy releases.
Horrid Practical Jokes is priced around £9.99 and is available from most good toy retailers (humour not included!).
*We received Horrid Practical Jokes for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are our own.

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