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How I Save Money on my Weekly Grocery Shopping and how you can too!

There’s no denying that as each year passes our living costs are going up, this includes a lot of things such as utilities, groceries, technology – the list goes on. At the moment we’re being hit especially hard with the uncertainty of Brexit. I try to be as savvy with my money as I can to make it stretch as far as possible and it’s really not as hard to save money as you might think. In fact, I consistently save money on my weekly grocery shop by using some of the below tips. If you want to save money on your weekly grocery shop why not give some of the tips to see how much you could save each week.

Look for discount codes

One of the simplest ways to save money on your weekly grocery shop is to check for discount/voucher codes which could help you save money. I always look online for active discount codes for the main food outlets so I can decide who I will shop with that week. Finding discount codes is quick and easy, you can head to Latest Deals where they list the latest grocery deals or you can type in the name of the supermarket followed by “discount code/voucher” and see what comes up. Voucher codes and offers are constantly changing so make sure you check regularly to find the best deals.

Claim cashback on your shopping

Cashback websites will give you money back for ordering your shopping through their website, this doesn’t cost you anything at all and the main websites Quidco and TopCashback are free to sign up to. Over the years I have received hundreds of pounds of cashback from these websites making purchases that I was going to make anyway, amazing right?! Don’t forget to sign up to the websites and make your purchases by going through their website to claim the cashback.

Join dedicated money saving Facebook groups

Facebook is a fantastic resource when it comes to finding like-minded people and there are a lot of amazing groups you can join that are dedicated to saving money and finding deals. The groups are free to join and you could find yourself saving a lot of money, you could join the Latest Deals Facebook group to get you started, they regularly post amazing deals and offers which you can take advantage of.

Sign up to loyalty schemes

I’m signed up to several loyalty schemes which means each time I shop in a store with a loyalty programme I can collect points which I can then convert into savings and vouchers. Just because you have a loyalty card for a store doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to that shop, if you will save money at an alternative shop then shop there and sign up to their loyalty scheme. I alternate where I shop depending on what I need and what offers are running to ensure I’m saving as much money as possible.

Shop online

If you normally shop instore and find that you spend more than you expected this is common for a lot of people. Shopping instore can lead to temptation and overbuying, shops are very clever and have learnt how to encourage you to buy more than you need – don’t fall for it! If you have to shop instore take a list and only buy what you need. If you are able to swap to online shopping you will find that there is less temptation because you don’t have to walk past all of the aisles to get to the item you want. You can also see how much your total is as you shop which is great if you’re sticking to a budget.

Do you have any tips for saving money on your weekly shop?

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