How the gambling industry’s digitization has given a new face to it

People love to gamble. The history of this particular form of entertainment can be traced back to thousands of years. It has evolved a lot since then and has become a truly global phenomenon that everyone has at least heard about.  Whether it’s playing cards or slots, gambling is a great way to eliminate boredom and be a part of something that is truly exhilarating. Now, thanks to technology the world of gambling has entered a new golden age and has gained a brand new face. 

Historians like to divide time into eras or ages. The term a lot of them like to use to refer to the present is the ‘digital age’. While some may find this title slightly cringy, it’s hard to argue against just how well it represents the times we all find ourselves in. Everything from how we connect with each other, how we enjoy ourselves and even how we conduct business has become extremely digitalized in the past couple of decades and this digitalization of the world is still going on at a breathtaking pace.  

This massive rise in the use to digital technology has even impacted in the world of gambling in major ways but past few years have literally been revolutionary for the gambling industry, all because the world became exponentially more digitalized since the end of the naughties. 

In fact, it would be fair to say that the gambling industry has a completely new face thanks to the insane level of digitalization it has experienced. From simple betting to complex casinos games, the entire gambling landscape has experienced a major upgrade and this is something that really needs to be talked about more in the gambling circuits.  

So here are a few things that help answer the question of just how this new digitalized face of the gambling industry came to be. 

The rise and rise of Online Casinos 

Casinos are the heart and soul of the gambling world. Even though they are banned in a majority of cities around the world, people travel thousands of miles just so that they can gamble in them. While there are a lot of things that make casinos special, one thing that gives them an advantage over any other place of gambling is the sheer variety. 

Variety not just in the type of gambling games but also in the type of people you can play with or against. From college students—that are there to party—to wealthy multi-billionaires who have a true passion for the art of gambling, you can test your odds against them at any game you prefer to play. 

Going to a casino is like a celebration of the very essence of gambling but not everyone can actually visit a casino and almost no one can make it a regular thing. Enter online casinos. 

When the internet first started to rise, games that could be played on it started to come into existence and proved to be wildly popular. It wasn’t long till someone realized that gambling could be done online and soon after there were a lot of websites that allowed its users to gamble. 

During the 2000s, when the internet became a true worldwide phenomenon, the online gambling industry truly started to boom. Proper websites know as online casinos started to become extremely popular among gamblers from all over the world. Almost all of these online casinos had a wide catalogue of games for players to choose from and this made the sheer number of people visiting these online casinos rise higher than anyone could have predicted. 

People who would never have had the chance to play advanced sophisticated gambling games against other gamblers from literally the other side of the world now had the power to do just that, whenever they wanted. 

The online casino industry has been estimated to have become a $100 billion enterprise and it is still growing and is projected to grow at least twice as big in the coming decade—if not thrice. The era of online casinos is here and has not even reached its peak yet. 

Sports betting without boundaries 

Depending on who you ask what their favourite type of gambling or betting is, you can get very different answers. However, for an understandable massive amount of people, the answer would be sports betting. The reason this isn’t shocking in the slightest—even though there are many forms of gambling—is because sports and gambling are a match made in heaven. Depending upon the game, nearly every aspect of it can be bet upon and this makes the experience of sports betting very exciting and interesting for fans of these games.  

Unfortunately for a long time, sports betting was restricted to small groups of people. Only the people who went out of their away to physically attend a particular sporting event could become a part of its betting pool and the audience who preferred to watch the game on the TV could only form small betting circles which often have a very little amount at stake. 

Digitization of sports betting completely transformed this scenario and now it has possibly become the single biggest type of betting in the world. Websites which are designed for sports betting have users from nearly every part of the world. In fact, the number of gamblers who want to bet on sports is so high that different websites are required for different sports and millions of dollars exchange hands every single day over such websites. 

The golden age of sports betting in which we all find ourselves owe its entire existence to the digitization of the world.  

Brand New Reality: Virtual Casinos 

While online casinos have definitely made the lives of gamblers a lot easier and convenient, the experience of visiting a real casino is still something a large majority of them pine for. However, as stated earlier, going to a real proper casino is not something that every gambler can afford no matter how much they want to. 

Virtual casinos might as well have been literally handcrafted for these people. A wonderful combination of online casinos and virtual reality technology offers an experience that is the closest one can get of going to a casino without actually doing it. It allows its user an opportunity to get a real feel of what it would be like actually gamble inside a real casino and that in of itself can be a dream come true for many gamblers. 

A Safer and fairer Gambling Experience 

While casinos often pride themselves on being safe from any acts of thefts, they are often accused of using unfair tactics to influence results that would benefit them rather than the people actually playing the game. Even online casinos aren’t completely free of this accusation. The expression “The house always wins” does seem to carry a lot of truth to it. 

However, by using trusted and reliable security technologies—particular the blockchain technology—online casinos have a way to reassure its users that their methods are completely justified and the outcome of their bets depends solely on their own luck. This gives a face of fairness and trust to the entire online gambling industry. 

All of this digitalization combined has given the gambling industry a face that shows inclusiveness, assessability, trust and most of all, the face of a world that is worth experiencing. 

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