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How to add a touch of class to your kids’ playroom

Our children’s playrooms can often be overlooked as interior spaces to show off and just become a dumping ground for toys and clutter. However, if you still want to be proud of your interiors and still have a playroom that’s also a useful, sophisticated space, then here are some top tips for how to add a touch of class to your kids’ playroom. 

Plenty of storage options are key to creating a multipurpose space that is also a sophisticated place to relax in as an adult when the kids have gone to bed. You don’t want to be staring at toys strewn across the floor, or navigating your way across a Lego minefield on the floor. There are plenty of storage options you could try, but a couple of our favourites are a deep, storage coffee table and a storage chaise sofa. The kids will enjoy hiding away their toys in these ‘special’ hiding places, and you’ll appreciate not having to stare at them all day. Something like this double-opening storage trunk coffee table from notonthehighstreet.com would work wonders.  

A fun, but likewise comfortable rug can also make all the difference to a playroom. The rug should encourage the kids to play on the floor but feel soft enough underfoot that you still want to spend time in the room yourself. A geometric pattern is ideal in this instance, especially a brightly coloured one like this version available from Next. It’s still a fun colour, but the geometric pattern feels far more grown-up and sophisticated in comparison to a rug specifically designed for a child’s room. The pop of colour will really lift the space (and potentially conceal any spills or stains).  

Throw cushions are a sensible way of adding some grown-up touches to the room while also remaining a practical addition to any playroom. The cushions can be brightly coloured and fun with pom-pom trims and fringing but will still deliver a touch of class to your room. We think these Safomasi scatter cushions via Arlo and Jacob are the perfect choice for a playroom – they’re bright, fun and still have a touch of grown-up glamour about them.  

For a quirky, whimsical touch, how about spelling out your family name or an amusing word, like ‘play’ ‘happy’ or ‘fun’ on the wall with some of these light-up letters available from Cult Furniture. Both for the kids and adults, they’re the ideal decorative element for a chic playroom. 

If there’s one thing that we know kids love to do – it’s jumping on stuff! To prevent them from jumping on expensive furniture, a bean bag is a classic staple of most playrooms and is the ideal spot for story time. There’s no need to go for a cheap-looking beanbag covered in cartoon characters as this won’t go with the chic décor you’re trying to achieve. Instead, opt for a bright plain coloured velvet beanbag to match the statement colour of your rug or wall art.

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