How to Be A Good Host This Festive Season

It’s that time of year again where the evenings start earlier, mornings are that little bit crisper and you need to dig your scarves and hats out from the back of the wardrobe. You may have heard shops beginning to play Christmas songs, and the Christmas adverts are appearing on TV and on social media. Yep, that’s right – the festive season is upon us! Whether you love it or hate it, if you and your family celebrate Christmas, it’s approaching quickly, and it will soon be the time to start preparing for this season. With this thought in mind, it’s time to start thinking ahead, as you can never be too prepared for this time of year.  

Give Yourself Space 
If you have a lot of family and friends visiting for the holidays, you need to ensure that the space provided will work for visitors staying for a few days or more. Think ahead now and start planning your sleeping arrangements as you can never be too early. If you have children that are older and will be bringing their own children – or you and your partner have brothers, sisters and cousins – you will need to ensure you have enough beds for everyone. You’ll also need to think about this in regards to pillows, duvet covers and bedding. Ensuring everyone is comfortable and has a good night’s sleep will mean everyone has a better time across the festive season – less grumpy family members equals less arguments! 

Clean & Tidy 
Preparing the house can be a big effort, especially if you have a big space to clean. Starting from your most-disliked jobs first can often be an easier way to start as you will have more energy for those types of chores such as mopping all the hard floors, washing and drying towels and bedding, and deep-cleaning the kitchen in preparation for a lot of use! To help you even more, enlist other family members. If your partner isn’t as organised as you, sort out which chores need to be done and split them up according to whoever has the most time free. Little ones also love to get involved and help around the house – teach them that putting all their toys away can be fun, or how to use a dustpan and brush to help you sweep the floor! 

Feeding the Masses 
Feeding everyone can be a huge ordeal come the holidays, and you need to ensure this is thoroughly planned to avoid huge overspends and last-minute panics. Plan your meals out in advance so that you have a “menu” set up for each day. Once you’ve done this you can then work on the menu and write your shopping list. Buy as many things as you possibly can ahead of time that will keep – crisps, biscuits, chocolates, Christmas puddings…maybe even the frozen turkey, if you can! Store these out of sight and hidden from everyone in your kitchen cupboards so they don’t get eaten before the holidays, then you’ll always be ready with party snacks at a moment’s notice!  

Decorate to Your Heart’s Content 
It’s never too early to start planning your decorations. The shops will sell out of things the closer you leave it to Christmas, so purchasing now will only help in the long run. Set yourself a budget so you don’t spend too much on decorating and ensure you stick to it. Search online as well as looking in stores to find the best price for the items you want – there are so many different places to purchase from these days! Once the time is here to decorate, you will have everything working and ready to go – then you can enlist family members to take on different parts of the decorating. Also, don’t forget the outdoors if you’re able to do so. Having some festive lights outside your home can set a really Christmassy vibe if you have family and friends visiting. Kids also love decorations – get them involved as much as possible and see their faces light up with the spirit of the season! 

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