How to bust boredom online 

Whether you are at work, on your lunch break or at home, everyone gets bored once in a while. Thankfully, a man named Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet in 1990 and we now have an enormous repository of information and entertainment available to inform and amuse us. 

Play DOOM 

You’ve probably heard of the classic shooter game DOOM, but did you know that you could play it in your web browser? Stop the invasion of Mars by demons and then take the fight to Hell, itself. Fight cacodemons, imps, lost souls and the infamous cyberdemon while reliving the former years of game development. 

Browse Wikipedia 

An incredible resource of information, some useful, some fascinating and some mind-numbingly boring. You have 5.6 million English-language articles to choose from, so go wild. Find out about something you are unfamiliar with, like the Boxer Rebellion which took place in 1898 in China and involved eight nations coming together to fight the Chinese. You could also read about the troubled making of Francis Ford Coppola’s classic war film Apocalypse Now 

Try the Wikipedia game, where you and someone else clicks on the ‘random page’ option to take you to a random page. You then have to navigate to an agreed page only by clicking on links in the articles. 

Wipe out Earth 

Only virtually, of course. Pandemic is a browser game where you play as a disease. Your objective is to wipe out every single person on Earth. You do that by upgrading the effectiveness and communicability of your disease, increasing its chance of covering the entire globe. I guarantee you won’t manage to get to Madagascar on your first try.  

Online gambling 

Why not try and win some money while you’re busting your boredom? Online casinos offer you a great way of amusing yourself while winning real money. You can play classic casino games like roulette, the slots, blackjack and poker, all at the comfort of your desk. Give Stakers a go and see how lucky you are. 

Look at funny pictures 

Imgur is basically an image sharing site, but it’s split into various sections including humour, pets, projects, sports and much more. Expect to lose 20 minutes at a time to GIFs of cats knocking things over and a variety of step-by-step projects. 

Bring any website back to 1996 

Do you remember Geocities? That was a web hosting service owned by Yahoo! that a lot of web pages used. They had a distinctive look about them, shall we say. Tiled backgrounds, Word Art fonts, animated banners and plenty of terrible GIFs will adorn your website of choice, simply by posting its URL into this site. 

Ted talks 

If you fancy learning about something, then you can search for interesting Ted talks. There are talks about anything, from the state of the entertainment industry to the potential of flexible, soft robots, and the discoveries awaiting us at the bottom of the ocean. 

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