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How to choose the best under cabinet lighting

Designing a kitchen? It’s not all about what colour cabinets and worktops you should have, lighting should play a big part in the design.  

Not only will you need functional lighting to be able to see what you’re cooking, but decorative lighting can play a big part in elevating the design of your kitchen.  

Overhead lighting is a big priority, but under cabinet lighting can be both useful and stylish too. Read on how you can choose the best under cabinet lighting for your kitchen, as well in other areas of the home where you might have cabinets installed.  

Types of under cabinet lighting  

When it comes to under cabinet lighting, there are two types you’ll want to choose from, linear lighting or puck lights. Linear lights will run the length of the cabinets, whereas puck lights are individual fixtures that can be placed in the areas that you want them.  

Linear lights can typically be easier to install, and you can choose from strip lights, light bars or rope lights to have installed along the length of a cabinet.  

Puck lights are adjustable, so you can create a more stylised and personal touch of lighting by installing these lights where you want them. You can choose from circular or square under cabinet lighting and their concentrated beams of light can add a beautiful ambience to your room, which is perfect for when you’re entertaining in the space.  

Choosing the right under cabinet lighting for your home  

These are the things you’ll want to consider when it comes to picking the right under cabinet lighting for your home.  

  • The best for cost-effectiveness – If you want to conserve energy in the long run and save yourself a lot of money in running them and replacing them, choosing LED under cabinet lights are your best choice. They may cost more at first, but overall you’ll definitely save money.  
  • More control – Have control over your under cabinet lights by installing dimmers which is great for ensuring that these lights are both practical for when you’re cooking, and stylish for when you’re relaxing in the space.  
  • Easy installation – If you don’t want to g to much trouble having under cabinet lights installed, you could always install battery-operated lights, or light strips that can be easily plugged in with minimal fuss.  
  • Light output – Consider the type of worktop that these under cabinet lights will be shining onto. If you have a glossy worktop you don’t want a bright light that’s going to have a lot of glare from the worktop. And if you have dark or matter countertops, you’ll want a higher lumens in your bulb so the light isn’t absorbed into the surface.  

Are you thinking about having under cabinet lighting in your home?

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