How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

So you’ve finally found ‘the one’. While you might have thought the hard part was over, choosing a ring is known to stifle many proposals. After all, there are so many rings to choose from. Here are just some factors to consider when you are choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner.  

Know your budget

 When beginning your process of identifying the right engagement ring, you want to have a clear and set budget in mind. Having a set budget will give you a good measuring stick on what rings are viable and what rings or styles might be out of your intended price range. While the common myth is that you should be spending a minimum of 2 months of salary on your ring is typically used, that is not a wise financial model to follow. The fact is, you want to find a ring that is going to set your relationship up for success. You want to establish a budget that you can afford and one that you would feel comfortable.  

Ring size

The ring size is typically the part where mistakes are made. While picking out the right ring is important, you want to pick out a ring that fits her finger when you propose. Luckily, if you do end up getting the wrong size, all hope isn’t lost. While it is surely an inconvenience (to say the least), it is easily remedied with a few ring adjustments. That being said, simply figuring out her size beforehand can go a long way towards making this a non-issue. A good way to find her ring size without her getting wise to the idea of you proposing is by borrowing one (or a few) of her rings and checking the size. Getting your ring properly sized is just one of many things you may need to consider for your wedding planning checklist.

Understand the styles she likes

When you are going through the ring searching process, you want to go in with a clear style and preference that you are looking for while shopping. Having a good idea of what she likes is key to being able to identify the best ring styles to choose from. The best way to do this is by simply looking to see what jewellery she wears and seeing whether or not she mentions anything about her preference in jewellery. If she is someone that would typically wear something understated, you might lean more towards a smaller diamond or even a gemstone. Whereas, if she likes big and bold, you might want to look for larger diamonds. Inspiration can also be found online with popular diamonds and styles that celebrities have for their engagement rings. From the heart-shaped cut of Lady Gaga’s ring, to the stunning sapphire that Kate Middleton has, Vogue has some great inspiration from some of the best celebrity engagement rings over the years. 

Shape, Cut, and Quality

 If you have decided to move forward with a diamond, you will want to understand the important things to consider when shopping for one. You want to not only look at the cut, but the colour, clarity, and carat. Colour is much more about preference than anything else. Whereas, the cut will more so impact the appearance of the diamond. Finding the right shape is also important but it is much more about preference than anything else. If you’re unsure about what you should be looking for, then this diamond guide from Rich Diamonds can help you.  

Picking the band

 As mentioned previously, you should be able to tell what type of jewellery your partner likes by simply browsing through their jewellery box. Keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each metal. You might even want to factor in her lifestyle when choosing. For instance, platinum is a much more durable metal that is capable of withstanding a lot. Whereas, other metals that are less durable might not be the best for very active women including but not limited to gold. Gold tends to wear down much faster than platinum and even silver.  

By following the tips above, you should be able to pick out the perfect engagement ring for the perfect proposal. Don’t allow choosing the right engagement ring to delay your proposal. By using these tips, you should be able to find the right ring in very little time. 

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